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[PS3/X360]Persona4U in Mayonaka Arena [TRAILER] (Thread) - Page 2

I can already tell this game will be awesome X3

we need Lisa in this game too!

More pics for the people of TheColorless, enjoy!
To view them in super endless full size HD stuff please click on them. Thank you very much. bows
Awesome Aigis!
^ Artworks of the two corresponding personae Izanagi and Pallas Athena
^ get ready to fight! >:D
characterselection once more
^ Uhhh a preview like in Melty blood "who's next!?" : P
Guess those two pretty much nailed it. xD
Mode selection never looked so "scene of the accident"-ish :D
^ Mass attack combo K.O.??? What the funny things half of the life bar!?!? o__o

^ Uhhh character details! Yummy~ now that's a treat! ...wonder what Yukiko sama's ...*mumbling*
CUSTOMZATIONS RULE!! THE HELL YEAH! I want a Kimono for ... ... *mumbling again*
MAH TRAIL OF THE DRAGOOOOON! Guess Yosuke was very happy that Chie got her Persona much later xD
O____o New challenger or... something??

Updated with Trailer in the first post, enjoy!!!
First post &Trailer

Akihiko and Mitsuru have been confirmed to be on the game roster!

Akihiko will even a alternate constume with him shirtless and Mitsuru will have a catsuit costume!


makes you wodner what altenate costuems the otehrs might have. as for aigis, im guesig either her school uniform, the heavy armed version,her blue one-piece dress, the maid-uniform or.. soemthign new altogeher?

clears throat
Anyways, this game seems awesome. Hopefully it'll get an European release some day too.

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