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Music from your childhood (Thread)

You know that music you heard all the time as a kid? Even if you hated it at the time you still get that lovely nostalgic feeling when you listen to it nowadays.

Post your childhood music! Preferably from your own country.

800 degrees (celsius is the measurement lol)

Ebba grön. Swedens Nirvana imo. They are simply awesome.

A night in the subway

Noice. Also awesome. The singer was only 15 years old. That's why he sounds like he does :D

The tears

Jacob Hellman. He's pretty poetical and catchy, but my father likes him more than I do.

All of these are actually before my time, but thanks to our parents they lived on.

Used to rave to that shit when i was 7.

Oh shit, that one played non stop at birthday parties along with

Because SSX3 was an AMAZING part of my childhood... Jerk It out by the Caesars was also awesome for the same reason.

Scarred in my brain. FOREVER.

I loved this song for such a long time...

This song corrupted me.

First favourite band. YUH.

Seriously. This song was everywhere. In talent shows, graduations, radio, hell, even in out classroom... Good elementary days...

Sentimental feelings. Enough said.


<3 <3

Really, who doesnt remember that song XD <3 <3 <3

URGH!!!!! Trapped in class listening to that song DX. Sadly, I remember loving that song x.x Damn you, Barney


Cleanse your soul of Barney with Ricky Martin. Do it. Do it now.

i remember being a big Ruslana fan. xD some ten years ago her style was nothing like wild dances.

OMG why is Barney here omg /hides herself under blanket

My absolute favourite songs from my childhood were the Digimon/Pokémon OPs.
But to link only one... "Rouge no Dengon" from Kiki's Delivery Service.


This is the song I remember the most, just due to how much I heard it.

This one was from the Digimon movie and I thought it was epic.

@mll Cleansed <3

ahhh childhood still sounds good!

i had that entire CD, i want to know where it went, cause it was damn good.

i remember this on the radio.

The Ketchup Song was big for me in all of its spanglish glory. It still haunts me to this day D:

And this. All over CHILDRENS television shows....Oh, the awkwardness.

My dad listened to this 24/7. It's about Eminem btw.

DUDE. The Spice Girls were my jam when I was little :D

and who could forget....

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