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What music do you chill too? (Thread)

the title itself is pretty self-explanatory.

Basically, just post the music you like to listen to while you unwind at the end of a long day.

Often, the liquid dnb station. Or similar music from my own collection.

(E-Z Rollers - Retro)

Also, @Selef Damn, that's a nice mix of Chain.

Preferibly around 3am, music by Underworld becomes insane.

<- takes me to another world

You guys should check this out. (The entire playlist is epic)

Also don't forget LOTR and Minecraft OST for more chills. ;-)

People are strange.

noon on the water from beck great song to just chill to

This. I always feel calm and relaxed when I listen to it.

Red Tengu from Rhythm Spirit

@kalouty i love all the AC ost's there all pretty amazing.

Say Anything

LOL my laptop hates this threads. Long loading. x.x

OMG I would have this song's babies!

Lately, this.


@WhisperSiren not really calming, but awesome none the less =.=

@Eshi Happy to Help :D

@Selef To each their own :3

Omg whos the jerk that disable my song :<
Haters (X.X)

Uh hum.

I dont know. So dont ask xD

@WhisperSiren The Only was the first Static-X song I listened to :D

Anyway to chill I usually pop on some Nujabes

or some Minecraft stuff

That's some good ambience right there xD

@Slyter Lol The Only is the only Static-X song I listen to xD
I only found the song a few days ago when I loved!!!! it in an amv :3

Another random song I just found xD:

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