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Computer Geeks Needed (Thread)

I need help using my F keys(F1 F2 F3 etc.) during a game. For example, Combat Arms is a shotting game FPS? Cant remember xDand to kick hackers there are alot >_> dont know why I still playfrom room, you have to press F5. For me, that does nothing. So do all my other F keys.
Laptop : Dell
Games : PC
uhh dont know what more to put. xD Please tell me there are some CL member that know about computers :<
P.S. I'm a slow person so if you do explain how, explain it like your telling a small child that really wants to know about computer :3

Maybe you should take a picture of your keyboard. Also, did you push your F-Lock key?

@NGH I have no idea where that key is x.x also I dont have my numbers to the right. My numbers are above my letters.

Do you have your Fn driver installed?

I've got a Dell too, and Inspiron 1545, do you have that by any chance? Because I have to hold down the Fn key (between the left side Ctrl and the Windows button) to use the F keys.

@NGH Fn driver installed? If it didnt come with laptop, already installed, then no.

@mll wow. this is the first time really seeing that FN key XD I'll try it in a few.
Also I have Inspiron M5030. hopefully you know what that means bc I dont xD

@WhisperSiren Haha you can test it out by using it to refresh. Hold Fn and press F5, it should refresh the page. If it does, then your problem should be solved.

The fn key may or may not be your problem. I have one as well but I can use my Function keys without it, only five or so keys require it.

@mll Yay it worked. Thanks <3 Now I can be a true rager :D

@NGH I really only need like the F1-F5, I think. xD

Woot, have fun broski.

@NGH hehe I will >:D

May be a little late, but on Inspiron laptops there's a switch in the BIOS that allows you to set Fn keys to function like on any other computer. Just hold whichever F key opens the bios when you start your machine (think it may be F2) and when you get to Setup menu, look for the switch.

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