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The richest homeless man you will ever meet: Novel idea (Thread)

The Richest Homeless Man You Will Ever Meet

So on the train back home from work today I got this idea for a novel I would like to share with you.

It's about a Japanese woman named Yoko. I know what you are thinking. "Is this gonna turn into some wapanese bullshit?". I am glad to inform you that it is not.

So. It is about this woman named Yoko. She is a hard working woman at the age of 27-30. She is really tired of life and spends all her spare afternoons at the local bar.
One day she meets a foreign man there. She starts talking to him and finds out he is deathly ill and came to Japan in order to live the rest of his life as he wish to.
They get to know each other and eventually Yoko decides to make Erik's (that's his name for the moment) stay, the best of his life.

I was thinking of making it seem like their smallest advetures are really big and exciting, like Sucker Punch for example. Or maybe The Bridge To Terrabithia would be a better comparison.
In the end Erik dies and leaves Yoko behind. But except for a void in her heart he also leaves her a gift. The ability to enjoy life.

"I quit my job, I sold my house and everything with it, boarded the next flight to Japan and... Here I am. The richest homeless man you will ever meet."

"And don't forget deathly ill", Yoko answers in an attempt to lighten the mood.
Did I mention she's drunk?


personally i love the idea, if you finish this i would love to read it.

yeah im actually into this idea and i would love to read the book <3

Interesting! Good luck.

Woah Woah Woah! Spoilers.

I can imagine this being a short film. I'd read it if it were a book, too

Seems good. I've been interested in writing my own story( I refuse to use the term novel as I doubt I'll ever get that far), and this seems like a pretty good idea. One thing though, I wouldn't call him "deathly ill" if he can still run around and have fun, but more like "terminally ill" is what you were getting at. Deathly ill feels like it conveys more that he's really sickly, pale, and weak. Just saying.

What is the reason for it being set in Japan? I suggest writing about a location you personally know very well, otherwise you will lack details and the writing will seem unrealistic. Good idea, though, thumbs up.

Why Yoko though? Kinda reminds me of TTGL, Yoko Ono and shizz. Try looking up a namebase of Japanese names and pick one that has meaning to it. People who are fans of your story will eventually do the research and stuff. It's also good for a giggle. My lead female's name (in my own story) When fiddled with a bit in Hiragana literally Translates to "Hello, Dream girl!", etc. Little easter eggs like that can really get readers excited ;)

However, this Does seem like an interesting story, but seeing as i assume it's a present day story based in a country you've never been to/don't know too well, to get it right setting wise, you have to do the research, especially when it comes to setting stories in present day cities. It's just to cover your ass against those who can catch you out and find tears in the story's fabric. Apart from that, it sounds brilliant!

I would so read it!

Sounds interesting, at least its not some end of the world/zombie story...

... towards the end of the book, does the clown kill everyone and makes off with the hottie?

But seriously, it sounds like a good story~


Why Yoko though?

Because Yoko was the name of my first Japanese language teacher :)
Hello, dream girl? Really? That's pretty cool. What was her name?

i assume it's a present day story based in a country you've never been to/don't know too well

No, I have never visited Japan. However, I have friends who is currently living in Japan and I also have some contacts. I know what 'research' means and asking them a few simple quesions like "what is a must do in Japan" and such, souldn't be that hard.

@Dave The idea came to me while thinking about what I would do if I found out I have about 6 months to live. But as the idea develops, maybe the country will change.
As I told rtmpgt, I have contacts in Japan, so it shouldn't be that ard to make it seem realistic.

Thanks for all the support and tips, guys!

HEEEY, my grandmother's name is Yokoe. Also, asking contacts about a country and actually being there are two totally different things. There are people all around the webz who read manga (worst source ever most of the time for actual information btw), books, whatever about Japan, and think they know the country, even when they hear it from me who knows it first hand they wouldn't be able to fully understand the living conditions of the country. You can't comprehend the atmosphere of any place to the fullest extent to write about it in a fluid way unless you're there yourself; though I'm not saying you can't write a functional story without doing so, since it has been done before. Don't make it so that the location is someplace that's easily changeable, where the story would be exactly the same even if it took place in Chicago and the woman's name was Maryhadalittlelamb, rather, make it so that the location itself also defines part of the story. A mistake is that you generalize the location by the country "Japan". But it's not just Japan; where is your story taking place IN Japan so that it fits it more? Even within prefectures there are differences between cities. Chiyoda is different from Shibuya, and Shibuya is VASTLY different from Hokkaido or Hiroshima, and I have a hard time believing the man you're describing as coming to Japan and going to Hokkaido to wrestle bears. If your friends can provide you full on advice on where your story should take place and you find that enough, then no need to say any more, but if they can't give it to you in the visual sense that you need to actually write a story, then I'd consider changing the location of the story before you get too deep into it. Oh and if you're absolutely hellbent on Japan, then as a personal input, I'd recommend asking your friends about Ginza.

i agree with @senkono
its going to be hard to write about a place ur not in
why dont u set the story in the country where u live instead of japan?
and if u want, 'erik' can be from japan (he'll probably hav a different name though)
these are jst suggestions...

Sounds pretty interesting, it'd be great to see how the story progresses! Good luck.

Wanna know whats harder than writing about a place you're not in?
Well, reading @Senkono's wall of text.

@Chou I lol'd

I'm gonna read Senkonos post when I get home from work. The thing is, who the f*ck would go to Sweden if they had 6 months to live. This place has nothing special, lol.

I'm so ridiculously amazing. hairflip.jpg

why Japan?

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