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The richest homeless man you will ever meet: Novel idea (Thread) - Page 2

Seems like a good idea, though I really don't get the Japan bit. Sweden is nicer, if he gets arrested he has something like this to look forward to.

A Swedish prison cell: Nicer than 78% of dorm rooms.

Oh damn. that looks much more better than my room. I mean holy shit look at that.

Brb, gonna go to Sweden and commit a crime. Oh and do you think if I do something like rape and murder I'll get LCD television as my bonus? Because I would so do that for an LCD.

@senkono I read you wall of text now, and I agree. But... I don't have any experience from vegas either D: No, but seriously. I chose Japan because the country really inspires me.
The idea is in it's early stages so this is the right time to change all of this. It's just my personal opinion that there is so much to see, do and experience in Japan. Culture and technology seems equally important and that gives me a lot to work with.
But in all honesty, the number one reason I chose Japan is that it's a dream to go there myself.
I'll look up Ginza. But I will still keep in mind what you've said. Thanks.

Also, your not the first one to come up with that idea. Sweden has too many... For lack of a better word, samhällsparasiter.

Main reason I suggested Sweden is cause IMMAPROFILESTALKER. Thought that you would impart your IKEA knowledge and Swedish meatballs to the rest of us~

As long as you don't make it too weeaboo, there shouldn't be a problem...

Believe me. I'm no weeaboo.
I'm sorry to dissappoint you, but meatballs is a secret art and that knowledge is not to be shared lightly. And IKEA is simply Swedens project of world domination. Same with Volvo, but that one's kind of fail.

That sounds great. Perhaps even include their past (or something), as it is a novel, that's going to require a lot of information about them and how they were before meeting and how they've changed throughout the story. I would read this ^.^

I love this idea. :]

It seems very interesting so far, it'll be even better when the story and characters are more developed.
I also agree with some of the previous comments about location, but it's up to you where you choose to put as your location so I won't make any further comment on it.
If you choose to go on and write this into a story I would definitely read it!

Wow, that's kind of a genius idea. I would totally read that if it was published.

OMGAWD. A wonderful story. However, can you make her American and him Japanese. And have it set in America.

@Senkono If I ditch the body, do I go to jail too?

kool idea id read this

So far this seems like a good idea, it seems to have a lot of potential. But it all depends on how you write it and how well you utilize your research. Just make sure everything is really through, and your writing is both descriptive of the area and the characters feelings and how they look and such. Otherwise, I believe this is a very good idea. Please let me know if you finish, I would very much like to read it. Good Luck! 83

@9mm Why NOT?

When I read the title, I think about this lady

Awesome! But i vote Australia as the setting. NO_ONE MENTIONED MY COUNTRY HOW DARE YOU ALL~ just kidding. but I'd read this:) I'm a book geek. So isolated~

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