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What's Your WPM? (Thread)

Let's see who can get the highest Words Per Minute, eh?

Here's mine. Be sure to screenshot so we get no cheaters, by the way.

Your speed was: 32wpm.

Congratulations! You made no mistakes, practice does make perfect.

Not bad for 3am, wrestling a bear blindfolded (true story)


Your speed was: 259wpm.

You made 19 mistakes, your mistakes are shown in bold text:


Sample text:

On, Mondays,, Wednesdays, and, Fridays, it, was, Court, Hand, and, Summulae, Logicales,, while, the, rest, of, the, week, it, was, the, Organon,, Repetition, and, astrology., The, governess, was, always, getting, muddled, with, her, astrolabe,, and, when, she, got, specially, muddled, she, would, take, it, out, of, the, Wart, by, rapping, his, knuckles., She, did, not, rap, Kay's, knuckles,, because, when, Kay, grew, older, he, would, be, Sir, Kay,, the, master, of, the, estate., The, Wart, was, called, the, Wart, because, it, more, or, less, rhymed, with, Art,, which, was, short, for, his, real, name., Kay, had, given, him, the, nickname.

What Now?

Lol 53wpm ._. and four mistakes.

I got 83 wpm. One mistake, but it was a capitalization mistake OTL
But wow, 122 is hella fast : / I only know one other person who has had 120.
My fastest has been 90 wpm

33 is about the average American.
By the way
is a better and more accurate test :c

i got 94.. but 120 DANGGGGG XD

This thread remembers me off keyboarding class. Ahh the memories.

Nice @senkono

I'll do this when I come back from school tomorrow. Too lazy now x.x

Honestly, what are those sample texts? So many damn weird words and spelling errors, ARGH!
Especially the punctuation sucks ass in mine. Still, at least it says 64...


I. . . type so much slower than all of youuuuuuuuu OTL

First, I'll humour myself;


Hurrr sooooo zetta slooooooowwwwwwww.

Your speed was: 39wpm.

You made 1 mistake, your mistake is shown in bold text:

In a little place called Le Monastier, in a pleasant highland valley fifteen miles from Le Puy, I spent about a month of fine days. Monastier is a notable for the making of lace, for drunkenness, for freedom of language, and for unparalleled political dissension. There are adhereents of each of the four French parties, Legitimists, Orleanists, Imperialists, and Republicans, in this little mountain-town; and they all hate, loathe, decry, and calumniate each other. Except for business purposes, or to give each other the lie in a tavern brawl, they have laid aside even the civility of speech. 'Tis a mere mountain Poland.

...bleh :P

I am a relatively slow, but fairly accurate typist. Mis-read the name of the farmer and added a "." reflexively.

Funnily enough, I can touchtype with my left hand, but not with my right.

(82WPM, 2 mistakes. I made more typos, but everytime I catch myself hitting the wrong button, I reflexively backspace and correct it. Can't not do that.)

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