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Forgetting someone............ (Thread)

Ok well there's this girl that i really like and she said there's no point in liking her because she doesn't trust anyone because of another guy. She said that nobody can keep their promises but that's her problem. This is probably the first girl i ever truly liked also because its not one of those random hook-ups and although we're not going out, we tend to fight a lot but we also have a terrific relationship. One time, we got into a serious fight and it was like really bad, we stopped talking and everything. And every time i saw her like literally my heart was hurting, and i was like wtf? Why does it hurt soo much, but like after 3 months we made up. But this is the question i want to ask, How do i forget someone? I mean we're never going to get together no matter how much i try and realistically i know there's no point in trying, but i can't truly stop liking her, i mean i always tell myself that she hates me yada yada yada, and there's no one else i like -_- So i need some advice

You can never truly forget someone unless you get amnitia. The only thing you can do is try to think of something else.
I've had a simlar relationship, but it ended when I moved. She never talks to me anymore and she removed me from her Facebook. I completely understand and moved on. Just forget and try to think of a alternate univers
Stay happy
♪( ´▽`)

It's impossible to forget someone indeed, you can only divert your attention to something else or decide in yourself that you have to stop thinking of her constantly. Time is the only one that can help you anyway~ Don't dwell on what happened, you're only stopping yourself from healing completely. D:

Well I don't know what advice I can give since I'm having problems as well... =_= Good luck, dude.

Just grow over it, convince yourself that even though being with her would be amazing, it just won't happen.

Simply consult yourself, because only you can help yourself out.

Also if you really like her, dont give up, keep trying. I never got the chance to.
I'd give almost anything to see her onemore time and find a way to get back together. I guess the bridge was burnt when I left.

yeah.. ive liked this guy at my school for.. 5-6 years now.. haha he and i.. we have our history together.. but even if you get other people you still never forget.. you just have to do what @yotsuba said and consult yourself about it.. because even if you cant forget.. sometimes you can realize that you actually dont like that person

Thanks guys ^^ although im not sad bout it :/ i was just wondering on techniques on how to divert my attention away from her, thats all

Masturbation diverts attention from other things well
Lmfao, seriously, though. It's easier than you'd expect. If you really are 19, then it should be even easier. You're heading towards your most potent years in terms of social life and independence so consider yourself somewhat better off.
As everyone else has suggested pretty much the same thing I'll not drag on.
But I do wish do hit you with everything cliché.
There's plenty more fish in the sea

Oh and if she doesn't trust you because of a guy, surely that means you don't date her. You might not have been treated in the best way if you had started dating. If she feels she trusts someone enough to be with them, she'll say.
Hey, look, I dragged on.

Pfffffft. i can't tell you how much of a waste it is to go out with a girl that doesn't trust you.

buuuuuuut, Even when they tell you they don't trust you, they grow a little trust towards you, and its not a total waste.

Seriously, I've been in a relationship where she didn't trust me, but then she started to. its not a bad feeling but then you start to feel somewhat like : "Why the hell should i trust her if she doesn't trust me?" lol I've been through it. That feeling is fake. you're basically telling yourself that its not fair. So if you do get with this girl, be patient. its kinda not as much of a drag when you do so, but if you get into an argument and then you wanna break up, that's also a fake. i kinda failed that and i lost someone i care about ^^; totally my fault tho so there's no going back.

Point isssss,

even though a girl says that there's no point of going out with her because of trust issues, shes eventually gonna end up trusting you. even though its a bit of a trust, it's still something .

Learn from Sol's mistakes \o/

You can't ever truly forget her. Let me tell you about myself and this problem.

I have had this guy as my friends since the first grade. We were always together until we had to go home. Many people claimed that we were a couple before we even knew what dating was. As we got older, I started to fall in love with him, hard. I don't think he ever noticed though because I was a tomboy and he and the other boys saw me as just another one of the guys. Then he moved away and transfered to another school when we entered the 7th grade. I regreted never telling him how I felt even though it was, and still is, so obvious. I just felt like he completed me but now that part is missing and I will never get it back.

I see him every now and then but it's just not the same anymore. My heart beat quickens, and I blush whenever he looks at me. The sad thing is that I know he and my other friend have been in an on and off relationship for years. I see the chemistry they have with each other. Now I know that even though I regret not telling him, it is for the best for them.

You have a chance with her though. She has to trust someone eventually so make sure you are there when the time comes. Don't miss out on your chance like I missed mine.

I know that feel my friend, I am currently going through the same thing.

@Obsidian The things we go through when we love someone. Let's try better next time we find someone.

///You can't Forget you can only get over someone, but if you really don't want to "Remember" him tell your self he doesn't exist it sometimes works///

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