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Chat-Style Avatar thread! (Thread)

Well... Because the old threads on this topic are kinds dead, was wondering if anyone wanted me to make them a Chat/Durarara style Avatar :)

now, i know the old thread was long and such, so seeing as i have work and my Freelancing commitments i will only accept the first ten requests for avatars.

If you do get accepted, I need the following details:

1: a base colour (As either a hex code or a description) as these avatars only have one base colour with a white foreground
2: A basic description or example image(s) of what you want your avatar to look like, etc.

I will be using an editable PNG format which if you use Adobe Fireworks, will allow you to edit the base colour if you choose to use a different colour. I'll include instructions on how to do that using Fireworks if requested.

if you want to see Deftones' Asuka avatar is made by me :)
Plus, my own.

Thread Status: Temporarily closed
Wow, there's an absolute flood of avatar requests here, i am working on them as we speak and will re-open the thread once they're all done :)

I support this thread, though I feel no need to request for a durarara avatar.

+1 rep for you!

I can help you making them! :3

YUSH! i want one,

  1. the kind of red my avi has, and the glasses and details it has <3

ill send you a pm of my hotmaillll \o\


Could I have a purple background and um.

Something like the guy in front, with a card or two in the air?

And my email is
Please and thankyou? c:

Could I please have an avatar of female Izaya (Kanra) with a dark pink background :3

@OverSol, Yours is done :D

Why not make mine because... Why not? I'll pm youa pic or 2... (might even make 2 requests.

@Eshi, Yours too :)

One of Death The Kid please.

Aww I always want one :D

Dark Pruple and something close to the girl to the right :3

Edited: Btw, you really good :D I thought there was a site that everyone made them on and after a few months it was taking down xD

hey ur pretty good can u make me one with black back ground male spicky hair some sort of bad ass jackit some cool red eyes all together cool kinda like a bad ass ichigo ill send u my email in a PM make sure to tell me if u get it im not sure if it works from my phones net


@PureBoredom: Working on yours now, should be up soon. I'm doing the hooded guy, because it's just such a challenge :D

I like challenging stuff guys, keep it comin'!

@PureBoredom: Done nao :D

@MissKanraSan: Kanra's Chat avatar or a one of the girl herself? She is from the anime these avvies are based on, after all.

@cj336: find me a similar pic to what you're looking for (hairstyle wise) and i can go off that :D Thing is that alot of male anime characters have "spiked" hair. lols.

could you make one to look similar to the character of my current avatar with an azure/blue base colour? i can try to get a different pic for you if you need one.

i cant provide a pic becouse im doin this from my phone right now but like 16 year old naruto without the headband thanks

Hey, could you make me one, too? I'd like something a bit creepy, like L/BB with glowing red eyes and a creepy smile. A deep red or black or another dark color that suits the motive for the background would be great, thanks.

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