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Chat-Style Avatar thread! (Thread) - Page 4

@Ichi_Kaoru hes not coming back at least not now last time he did one it took him like 2 days at the most i've been waiting 2 months (SIGH!)

nice to meet you by the way

um if I may ask, what site or program do u use? I used it once before on my friends comp to make my icon but her comp went poof and yea...neither of us could remember what we used cuz we had it if u could tell me plz it'd be VEERRYYY appreciated. bai naow, have a good day. :)

@Ezaleeva they don't even make new icons anymore. Look above your comment.

are you still doing it if so i would like to make a request :3~

@Ezaleeva Photoshop?

can no one see my words heeeeeeeeeee issssssss nooooooooot hereeeeeee, god this thread needs to die if he does come back he can just make a new one.

@cj3366 CALM DOWN DUDE!! i saw you post i'm just saying if requests are still being taken then i would like to make a request XD
so does anyone else know what had happened to him??

dam... well i will make my own and hope it comes out okay -_- after my other unfinished that one song i wrote and need an english snythesizer for.... -_____-

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