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Animes like Ergo Proxy and Paranoia Agent (Thread)

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could help me out by recommending some good animes in the same genre. That sorta paranormal/psychological genre, haha.

I know that the same director did ghost hound. I enjoyed that for much of the same reasons as i did ergo. Gantz has a similar crazy feel to paranoia agent.

I was told the manga was turned in to an anime but never looked to check. I like the manga just fine.

also another psychological one would be this but its a book and only has 3 OVA

Though it is not that similar, I have a feeling you might enjoy Dennou Coil.

Also, Paprika. And Serial Experiments Lain. Those are the obvious ones, I guess.

Pale Cocoon and Eve no Jikan are very, but also fairly enjoyable. Pale Cocoon is a bit darker, Eve no Jikan a bit lighter.

Thanks so much for your recommendations! I'll go check them out :)

aa for dark/psychological , maybe you should also go check out neon genesis evangelion, higurashi no naku koro ni, gunslinger girl.. though they are not that similar to ergo prox< or paranoia agent.. oh old ones.. maye noir, but thats more dark and less psychological..

I don't know about Paranoia Agent, but the most similar show to Ergo Proxy that I've seen is Casshern Sins.

A similar theme (not the only similar one, but this stands out to me the most) is about robots finding humanity. In Ergo Proxy, robots realize human emotion, while in Casshern Sins, the robots realize human mortality.

If the OP's like me, they'll hate higurashi. It honestly shouldnt even be considered psychological. It barely had a plot, and it solely stands on the factor that the producers went "oh my god, we forgot about those people out there that doesn't play the game! Quick, tie the ending up with something!" If it wasn't for that, it would have just been another gorey horror anime. I rest my case.

Elfen Lied
Anything else by Satoshi Kon
Experiments Lain
Le Petit Cosette
Reqium for the Darkness
Aoi Bungaku- except the third story.
Pale Cocoon
Wonderful Days
Hell Girl

As for mangas:
Suicide Island
Hour of Mice
MDP psycho
Liar Game
Bloody Monday-- ish
Monster- the manga is technically the same order and everything.
A Bullet or a Lollipop

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