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Okay, this may sound weird to all newbies or mega-ultra fans of the all famous, most amazing manga and anime, DEATH NOTE, but you have to believe me on this. I have just learned from some resources that there will be another Death Note movie. Yet here are some hints of this movie:
1) It'll be a live-action movie.
2) It will probably be released in the year 2015.
3) It is a remake.
4) The company that has the rights to remake the movie and will be funding it will be Warner Bros. Company.
5) Last but not least, if you have not read the title of this thread then please read it, it will be an American version.

I believe with this being made in North America, it will completely change from all the Japanese Death Note movies, and the characters will look completely different than what they are portrayed from. This is the American Death Note photo that shows the three main characters Yagami Light, Amane Misa, and L Lawliet.
Please comment on anything about this. All Death Note mega fans, please don't shriek in excitement or be enraged because it's contemptuous. Also here is the link to the information that I have recieved. Here it is...
Death Note American

Humm. If thats real, I might waste 8 dollars just to see that :3 I totally going to cry when L dies :(
Light was so smexy...until he went insane...

So the rumors of Zac Efron portraying Light were false? A pity...

Where's Zac Effron? There can be no american Death Note without Zac Efron as Watari~.

O.o Zac's still a little too young to play Watari...

That will never happen. It won't. If it does, I will fucking hunt these people down and kill them. It shall not happen. Like that last rumor. It better not happen.
I MEAN LOOK AT THE COVER. LIGHT'S IN FREAKING HIGH SCHOOL. WHY'S HE SPORTING A FREAKING BEARD. AND HE'S UGLY. :/ (I'm pretty sure Light was one of those people who has a freaking strong points in the "looks" category)

AND L. HE'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK EMO AND HUNCH BACKED. NOT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. AND THAT GUY'S TOO UGLY TO BE L. HE CAN'T POSSIBLY PULL OFF THE "Serious but at times, especially when eating sweets, may appear like an adorable little kitten" LOOK.

And Misa's just.... I don't care about her.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: What the hell happened to the apple.

@Momimochi: The producer or whatever is on the source link. He's says he loves the anime and manga of Death Note, so he thinks it will be a good movie. Also the Warner Bros. Company is funding and approving this so go hunt them all down will ya.



I happen to know a guy in 10th grade that has a beard

HE CAN'T POSSIBLY PULL OFF THE "Serious but at times, especially when eating sweets, may appear like an adorable little kitten" LOOK.

Awww :D I thought L looked like a kitten too (=^_^=)

And Misa's just.... I don't care about her.


BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: What the hell happened to the apple.

Wow. Just noticed that. Saw the blue so thought it was the planet. xD Didnt even look like an appel to me. Now seeing it, it looks like its frozen and covered in mold :<

........... Yeah, I just read that. WHY, AMERICA, WHY MUST YOU CRUSH OUR FANDOMS ONE BY ONE?!
If the damned producer claims to love it that much, he should just shut his trap and enjoy what Japan has to offer, in the most realistic way as possible. I don't care if they dub the movies or whatever but..... WHY.

This is how the trailer will go down:

Light: /finds Death Note "Pft, people will die? What a joke."
Skip to when he first uses it
Light: "It... works."
[insert suspenseful music]
Ryuk: "I gave this to you because I was bored, do what you will with it."
Light: "I can become... GOD."
Ryuk: "I knew it, humans really are fun."

[insert Ryuk laughter as screen fades to movie information]

Coming soon...

It scares me how much I can see this happening. I would so watch this movie for lulz.

Oh just realized this is the AMERICAN Death Note. not the one with Japanese people.

@PureBoredom: I would say the Japanese live-action version movie of Death Note is far more superb. But I didn't like it very much because it went a little or way apart from the storyline.

....... huh. Now that senkono just mentioned Ryuk... I wonder how Ryuk and rem will look like...

I would totally watch it for the lulz. Apparently I read a leaked version of the script (not sure if it's the actual script) and L doesn't die and Light doesn't go batshit insane because he looses his memory or some crap like that.

I can already see how it's going to go down...

........ Oh, so basically they changed the whole freaking plot. Okay. That's much better seeing that I can watch it as just a rip-off.

I also have a copy of that script. As others may recall, it was leaked in 2009, and outraged much of the community. Some things of note are:

  • There are no Shinigami
  • L does not die
  • Light turns himself in
  • The Death Note has CRAZY JAPANESE POWERS that make Light evil when he touches it. This even included a little scene of him getting a grip on reality, and throwing the Death Note away, with a look of "Oh dear god, no!", with him uttering a line similar to "What is happening to me!?".

The script found it's way online, and was actively brought down by WB, further solidifying it's validity.

Zac Efron is going to play Light. That poster is most likely fake, since Efron himself confirms that he is going to play light. If Efron didn't change his mind and gave up on the roll as Light.
However, that poster looks a bit too shitty to be a movie poster.

So I just learned about this script and rushed to download it. When I read it though Light doesn't turn himself in, but he thinks about it.
And his name was Luke. I don't know why but I laughed.

I'd watch this movie too to make fun of it. If they ever actually get to filming and releasing it, that is.

Anime must never be turned into live action.
Anime must not be turned into live action especially by americans, what is japanese animation should stay in Japan in my opinion.

@GMYui is correct.

I'm sure everyone remembers this.

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