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How does Anime affect you? (Thread)

Anime Affects You?


Title stated it all...

For me, Blah blah blah.. I don't know x |. As far as I remember, it did taught me what is right or wrong ;hence, Morals. How about you?

I dunno, if this kind of thread was already created. I apologize if so..

It has affected me indifferently.

Positively effects on me:
I now appreciate cartoon-like unrealistic art.
My art standards went up.
My story-line standards also went up.
Improved my art skills quite literally.
Improved my story-line making skills as well.
I can pretty much understand Japanese, verbally, as long as they're not accented with some dialect.

Negative effects:
I am now a bastard to those who can't draw up to my standards. As in I go blunt and tell them it looks absolutely horrid.
I'm pretty much in front of the computer daily.
Spending my life on manga/anime.
Wasting money on cosplay, anime DVD box sets, manga, action figures, etc.
When a manga's carrots aren't cut 100 degrees, slanted towards the east, I will quit the manga.
High assed art standards leaves me with nothing to read/watch.
Live action dramas just can't satisfy me anymore...

........ Yea. And I'm pretty sure I left out something in the negative part.

Yeaa, please do.. even if so it nullifies a life of an individual.

I'm a pretty indifferent person when it comes to most things and I haven't watched a terrible amount of anime, but I'll try and answer this for your paper.


  • I was an artistic child and animation encouraged me to improve.
  • I was inspired to try different styles which widened my range of art skills.
  • It introduced me to aspects of different cultures at an early age.
  • I made a load friends as a kid from having a mutual obsession with Pokemon.


  • There is a negative opinion of fans of the genre, so I've experienced some backlash about things I like.
  • The unnecessary elitism causes rifts in fandoms where stupid arguments (sub vs dub, manga vs anime, etc) have lead to me & others being isolated or pushed away.
  • I can't stand the fans who do fit the (okatu) stereotype, so now I stay well away from fandoms.

That video is hating to USA Dx I cant watch it xD

Anime affects me positively :3I now know how to get away with anything and lie<3

It's okay. Canada got blocked too. STUPID CANADA.

Cartoons then anime, became my scape goat when some really bad things happened in my childhood. It distracted me from reality and i assume it kept my mind from exploding and going into a mental breakdown. Luckily i had enough commonsense to not jump from a 5story building thinking i was Goku -_-
Well, i guess here's my list:

- my drawings (lol, seems like anime improved us all here)
- i finally made friends with people who thought the same as me
- i discovered what i wanted to do with my life and i haven't looked back once!
- i can stay a child forever.
- i discovered yaoi (thou i dont think this should be a positive thing...)
- it has broadened my horizons and the way i think about things.
- i'm interested in learning a new language and culture.

- i seem to have become a very morbid person with all the demented anime out there
- i've discovered some disturbing porn!!!
- anime has taken over more than 70% of my conversation topics.

yay, so many good things!! \m/(^-^)\m/

digimon season one tought me the importance of human alues, of love, friendship, reliability wisdom, courage, hope and so on.


taking up ALL of my free time.(no boredom)
Giving me something to love :3

Getting all squealy and fangirly when I find out that someone IRL likes anime too
Other than that..developing feelings for characters :'( THEY AREN'T REAL!!!

@Maryam_oneill how coudl you possibly not like digimon? its the shit. best fuckign children anime ever.

as for the unreal charactres, you can make a partnercospaly and make a friend/bf/gf cosplay said person

Nah~ I can respect that there are things people don't like even if I like them.

Anime has influenced me in many ways. I've learnt many things from it including even how some people think. I've also learnt a fair amount of Japanese because if Anime~

Although there are many positives its pretty much taken over my life. Oh and I've grown more aggressive and now have multiple personalities XD

That's not a bad idea, it's a shame I don't have any friends that'll do that. They were only cosplaying game and Internet characters.

I could write an essay about the positives even just a single anime has given me. Maybe I will, but not now.

As for the negatives, I can't think of anything significant.

Anime-> manga-> Japanese pop-culture ->(music / art)
So even thought I started with some silly things and cancer in form of animated schoolgirls I ended up opening my artistic horizonts to a whole new culture and new ways to view the world

I wouldn't have gotten as far as I am here if it weren't for the anime, it might sound silly and it actually is but I'm in great dept to it for everything that it gave me (it even was a one of the step-stones for me to get closer and meet the person that now is my partner and my other half ♥)

Anime, you rock!

I can't think of any negatives since I only watch at night and keep that only to the night and noone knows I watch. As for positives, it provides me with hours of entertainment at night and cures my boredom.

Anime's good. You can learn things from it.. . well the good shows anyway. I keep my obsession a secret. nobody except my bros know and they take me as i am. I think it affects creativity as well. The more we take in the wiser we become i guess.

How anime has effected me

-Its introduced me to new music
-It help motivate me to really sit down and learn an instrument
-Learn a little about new culture
-Gave me some awesome quotes
-Found friends that are interested in the same things

** Negatively**
-It made me spend money on some things that if i look back i wouldn't really have used again

the biggest positive thing would be that Axis Powers Hetalia makes my history lesson interesting...
on the other hand, I can start laughing out loud in the middle of class because of it to.

well for me anime has taught me not to give up easily and to move forward no matter the situation that is surrounding me

Well anime has taught me that falling onto a girls breast and stuffing my head into her skirt is a good first impression. So i guess that i should go out and do just that and get myself a harem ending.

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