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If you want some fun then click this thread... (Thread)

just click this link

if you understand the language then it's more better...
if not just continue scrolling down...
or you can watch at this link the comic with english it in 720p so you can see the translations...
just search naver comic on youtube and click the first one

to those who already know this...please don't spoil the fun^^

There is another thread about this and yeah there is a distorted bloody dude whose head keeps turning and making sudden sounds, but the whole colorless knows that.
^_^ oh did I spoil the fun?

yes, you actually did:))LOLxD

NGH is a korean so he knows it first than me:) it was famous in their country:)

the thing asks where its baby is...


then it backstrokes all the way the fuck over to the girl

OMG. @NGH tricked me with this link on his thread already. Not falling for it again DX

I read this on the other post and I nearly DIED!!! so when i got home, i shared it with everyone and clicked on the link by accident; I thought: "hey, i already read it, i know what's gonna happen" so i scrolled down like an idiot and nearly SHAT MYSELF cause my sound was on and i didnt know this thing had sound!!
~heavy breathing~

Yeah... I remember when i first saw this... I was like "OH SHI-! -dies- " but when I watched it w/ bro I was like "this is fake and gay" :'D

@AnimeShifter me too i thought of that when i read it the second time:) i also shared it to my younger sis but she's too scary at first that i have to scroll it down...then when the grudge woman turns her head,she didnt have any reaction and when the face comes out she just laughed at it:))

Wherever did NGH being Korean come from?

sokay wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways

If you can read this then you can read!!!!

why do people have to make threads like this..... :(

@kokushibyo I feel like I'm your guardian. XD Anywho, please stick to the topic at hand.

me slowly reading... gets bored and scrolls faster... " what the fuck?!!!" finishes it then watches video about three times... sends it to all my friend titled... this is the funniest comic ever!!!! im so mean...


put the head phones on my 7 year old sis and showed this to her full screen... when the creepy parts came up... she just look at me and laughed and kept scrolling... what the heck...


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