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My life reset. (Thread)

Since I moved from Japan to USA TN around this time frame, I was noticed by many people in school. But at the end of the year, I somehow lost almost all my closest friends case they were moving. I can't keep living with myself if I keep losing friends from moving to new places. The only friends I have left is almost literally white trash non anime friends who only ATV in the forests.
It pisses me off and gets me more depressed. I tried to isolate myself so i don't get attention, but everyone is somehow attracted to me. I came from Japan and everyone expects me to speak chinese. And I can't stand it here!!! I live in a isolated area with only wifi and an xbox.
I'm about ready to take my gun and shoot myself. This site is the only thing keeping me sane.
I want to move but can't.
What the he'll should I do!?!

I kinda know how you feel. Everyone at school pisses me off.
But anyways... Do you have any friends in Japan? Call them =)
Or you could go to a place where you're likely to meet someone who has the same interests as you...
Ex. the library, an anime store, etc etc (hah, idk)

If there was an anime store or a library, I wouldn't have posted this.
And for the friends in Japan, when I was still there, my friends were still together. As soon as I left, they all fell apart turning to there own factions.
They don't talk to me anymore. I became the random friend they forgot about.

You could look at attending a convention... I don't know where your nearest one would be, but you could look to go later in the year and save up for it, if you need to. You'll have something to keep going for, and then when you go, you'll be able to meet lots of people with the same interests as you.

i've spent my whole life moving every other year, im 20, and i've moved about? 15 times?

Always being reset, funny how the friends i leave behind think they are the ones being left behind, When its actually the total opposite, Starting from blank sure sounds interesting, But... you're starting from blank regardless, which is lonely and empty.

Wait. Chinese?
Uhh... Yea, unless if they're very accepting, we can be racist bastards ANYHOW, just make new friends and try to keep a few this timeAS IN STAY IN CONTACT WITH THEM VIA MSN OR WHATEVER. I'm sure you'll make it.

Well thanks for commenting
@Momimochi, easier said than done.

Move to the East Coast. Find somewhere that is actually a nice place to live. I used to feel isolated because my hobbies didn't reflect the area I lived in, but you start to find out that it doesn't matter. Find something you love doing, and work towards it. You just need to pick a direction and start walking.

@sonanoka: So very true. Do your best to keep in contact with people. If they didn't want to bother keeping in contact with you, then they're not the type of friends who would stand by you for the long-term anyways. In the end it doesn't matter as long as you're doing what you love and are happy.

That can be rough, I left Japan when I was pretty young. Where are you from by the way? I'm a countryside boy from Hokkaido here.
EDIT: Lulz, nevermind, read your CL profile.

there are some things in life that are out of your control.

But you are in control of your reaction.

What I got from reading this was: You refuse to conform/accept to this new lifestyle because it is different and the people are white and have different values.

Deal with it. It's only for the next few years of your life, you'll move eventually. Hell, you might even come to like the place you moved to, if you were willing.

///Remember in life you need your education yes you must socialize but till you find the group of friends like you continue with your everyday life you will eventually find the group for you///
///I have experienced this once before also and trust me isn't easy you have to work your way up to that group of people ei: be more open to different people and you will find someone.///
/// When i Moved i changed everything but now have friends i can rely on.///

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