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Having a friend who's prettier than you (Thread)

Have you experienced that moment when you were outshined by somebody and that 'somebody' was your friend? And what's worst is that you're afraid to let your crush see her because he might fall in love with her instead of you. <//3

aww that's cute XD

True things like that happen, however looks aren't everything! If he falls in love with her just on looks he's shallow and you probably don't want to be with him anyway.

hey woman, that's not very nice.

the world doesn't revolve around you

maybe the universe actually revolves around the relationship between your dazzling friend and your crush.

just kidding :3

@guardian3 well its just a 'what if' situation ^^ besides im just asking for your opinion coz i just want to know what everyone thinks if they're in this kind of situation :)

That's kinda normal you know, having a friend who's better than you.

If your crush does fall in love them, and you know that they love you that way, you'll have to be the "better friend" and help them along the way


@chaoshead: OMGosh! that happened to me once! I had a friend like that. She was tall, long hair, beautiful skin, she did modeling, had lots of money to buy pretty clothes ... needless to say i felt very inferior to her. The only thing i could give her was my friendship and it was not long before it became a one sided friendship. Not once did i take anything of her's or tried to beat her down (of course, as any other mortal, i did wish to have what she had but i soon discovered that i was more lucky than her.)

Must be a girl thing. If my best friend gets a girlfriend GOOD FOR HIM! ;D

True that deft XD

Must be a girl thing then x3

That's great, isn't it?

You're lucky you have a friend to be jealous of. It gives you something to shoot for. So... shoot.

You get nothing for catching the reference.

I am surrounded by pretty people and yes I am jealous and I hate them very much.

@Nomi well my friend is also pretty, black long haired girl with brains and she's tall...:)) hahhah i do feel that im luckier than her sometimes coz i realized that there are things that she doesnt have that i have :)) im grateful sometimes ^^

@GMYui wow thats kind of awkward but are you friends with them? :)

i used ot have a best friend for many years: we got to know each other in 4th grade of elemtrary school basically over the fact that our first names were the same; he was a half-italian, and over the years he had pretty much every girl in our village. we both moveed away later, ad stopped meeting when he used farther away after becoming a small MALE MODEL. i never hated him for it though~ i only regret he never got to return the copy of kingdom hearts i lent him wayyy back. we were really good friends of the kind where you, as an outstander, might think "how did those two of all peopel get such good friends?"

@break that thought did not crossed my mind funny, im pretty she's just prettier hahaha thats all. we became friends coz were of the same rare species jk xD dont intend to brag or anything :)) peace \// . well its only natural to be friends with a popular/good looking person if you or him/her is kind and friendly, its a common situation. liked the story though :)

@chaos well yeah we are friends, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable, being the black sheep is not pleasant at all.

@gmyui i also feel that way sometimes especially when other people keep praising her while im there and i was like 'hello im here too ya know?' but im not seeking attention or anything, i just hate the fact that everyone feels inferior before her :0

you know i got a friend kinda like you. she thinks that if she let me meet her boyfriend,they will like me better then them. truthfully it hurts and i wouldn't back stab her. so if you guys are truly friends, just get together and see what happens. so if the guy do end up liking her, dump him. and make sure your friend really don't like him back

So how is this in a homosexual relationship?
You have you lover->your girlfriend whos way more attractive then you, but when you go out you have mixed feelings:
A: you feel like everyone is looking at her and thinking of how hot she is (and not looking at you at all -envy
B: you still kind of want everyone to see you both together so you could show-off that your with someone as pretty as her - pride and some vanity
C: you can't decide if you can show your gf to your other gay friends, because even thought you'll show off with your sexy girl (and others will feel envy of you) some girls will probably get very interested in her and god-forbids someone try's to hit on her and >__> she ends up with someone else....

so anyone have had a situation like this ~ so they could share how they see things like this and how they react to them?

this is part umm..11Q of my series called: "Questions of human behavior and psychology I think-of while lurking then internet at late-early /time/. "

My best friend is so damn pretty that I wonder why not everyone falls in love with her from the very first moment they see her (Yes I know love is not only about how someone looks). She complains about her appearance and it makes me so asldskfjsedhewhgeow... why.



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