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Having a friend who's prettier than you (Thread) - Page 2

Never had those kinds of moments before. I'm comfortable with my looks, and if my crush falls in love with one of my friends because of how she looks, then that's his problem. He just isn't the one for me then.

I have a lot of prettier friends, but I prefer it that way. I didn't find love through appearance, and in the end being more gifted appearance wise is a hindrance to finding someone who cares deeply about you for who you really are.
Of course, outward appearance is somewhat important too, but expecting to easily get someone you can spend your life happily with when beating away the horny masses with a stick is foolish.
Also, a lot of people aren't actually drawn to tall girls with huge tits and long hair, or buff men with highly defined features. As long as you don't look like a bearded witch from Macbeth, anyone has a decent chance.

@Anemone I have two friends like that, but they've gotten past the issue of human nature of jealousy and worry. I realize the reply is quite late so maybe it doesn't matter much anymore but I'd like to comment on it anyway.
It's hard not to want the spotlight on you sometimes, but to be in a relationship with someone like that should only bring you more joy they're giving their attention to you despite being able to please near well anyone they could want.
If someone is worried about their love leaving them over looks, then I can only say discuss it with them, and if they really don't care enough about you to leave for someone who's better appearance wise then their beauty is only skin deep.

Does your younger sister count? I have to say it rly frustrates me to have a sister that's prettier, smarter, and better at everything that I am. Usually ppl notice my sister right off the bat but I'm completely ignored. My own mother even seems more interested in hearing what my sister has to say rather than me. So just to let you know I feel your pain maybe even worse because its my own sister.

in the past, my former best friend was pretty handsome i guess, at least hed get almost all the girls in the village we lived without trieng xD he later started working as a (small) model, for stuff like advertisements for shoes and whatever. so after startng to gain money, hed move away with his fmaily isnce they wer epretty poor, and w elost contact. it never really bothered me though, maybe its just not that much of a big deal for guys than it seems to be for girls? though we prolly would never have become friends or best friends if we wouldnt have gotten to know each other just because we shared the same first name...

@Elegy ...whoa.. its been quite a while, but thank you for replaying anyway ^^.
Umm.. I guess I really have noting to add, I guess 2 months have been enough to answer any question of my own ^^.

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