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Weirdest Ice Cream flavor? (Thread)

What's the weirdest(is that even a word?) Ice cream flavor you ever tried? :D


................. Japanese ice cream in general LOLNO I JK.

I'd have to say.... The Japanese Squid ice cream.

Ben and Jerry's tried to make bacon and sherbet...

Didnt they also try to make ice cream out of breast milk or somethinf?

Vanilla. that shit is just so fucking weird.

I had beet ice cream in Italy. Euugh.

Thats pistachio lol.

@Yotsuba I thought pistachio is that shit with nuts in them?

Chocolate. Just plain weird. >.>

Pistachio flavor. It's like having an almond flavor ice cream, which also exist by the way.

i think bubble gum cause how you eat the gum while your eating ice cream. :D

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