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The Colorless seems really unstable (Thread)

Get your sh*t together.

Thanks for bringing the site back up!

Now now there.

Still green kirn? -,-

I went out for the day and came back to this shit. What the hell even happened?

I am glad you still are, Kirn. You are doing your job and that is appreciated.

Scared the shiz out of me. Does this happen often?

@Shiki-chu Not really.

I though CL was dead for real...Ah well, everything is fine now.

"Change of tactics. Promise. I made up my mind. If they want war, they shall get it. No crying or getting butthurt anymore. I give you my word: stability from now on. Let's get this shit rolling."

I will trust this. In 30 mins I will delete this thread and continue like nothing happened.

@Shiki-chu @mll
once every few months, you'll get used to it, it's mostly rage and anger or somthing meager that pulls the switch of our "god's" brain (aka ragequit for whatever reason).

@Kirn glad to see you still in green man, it still suits youeven though a dark bloody red would be more appealing xD

Thank you from here as well, that way I can still save my profile text. Whatever happend this time I'm sure most people will be glad to see it's back online *lol*

Thank God CL is up again xD I would have missed it :C

Alright, first of all, hello! I just created an account.

To be honest, I, and you all, must thank @Shirosuke a lot for this. She opened my eyes. I cannot get insulted by random people, even if what they do is horrible (in terms of quality. God, learn to use Photoshop properly!)

I promise, like for real. Stability. @acostoss will kill me soon enough anyway for this matter today.

Now about who did it: Everything points to Deftones. But there was a Twitter account created, mentioning the name Jacek. Therefore, I banned both of them until further investigations bear fruits.

Terrible photoshop (the faces are not matching sizes!):
The twitter account:

Also, stop calling me god, if you ever did or planned to. I am not anything but a human who is very good at being good.

So yes. I was hurt before. I was weak. I wasn't a man. It's time to man-up. It's time to face trolls and troll them in return.


Glad I quit Staff today. Also, fun how my post miraculously vanished.

Ok, actually I think it's better this thread stays.
@DC I'm sad to hear you quit staff, but I hope you will stay on the forums. Good users are needed.

@DarkChaplain It said the same things that I've been saying in a post that I made one second later, and yours interrupted the page flow with a picture, which I also linked anyway, so I got rid of your post.

I know they are needed, but sadly not well enough appreciated. Content is king, yet it is not being rewarded, hm?

And also @Gargron I can't speak for everyone but I am sure I speak for many when I say this.
When we whine on you, we are not against you. Just your actions.

@DC yes, that needs to change. You are competely correct.

@DarkChaplain I like your non-meta threads/posts ^__^

Well, if you are against me or @acostoss, you can (and are encouraged to) quit immediately.

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