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The Colorless seems really unstable (Thread) - Page 3

Kirn, go back a couple posts and you'll clearly see you started with the pointing fingers.
Should i demod myself so i can point my finger at you too without repercussion?

@Yotsuba I second that. I mean with the badge thing

Thought the site had been hacked or something. I was like "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

"Now about who did it: Everything points to Deftones. But there was a Twitter account created, mentioning the name Jacek. Therefore, I banned both of them until further investigations bear fruits."

Wasn't the old phrase "Innocent until proven guilty"? I don't know what was up with Deftones but i will say i don't see much significant evidence that would hold up to have a Jacek banned. It could have easily been someone using his name as a shield to protect his or her self from any punishment. The same could be said vice versa. Though both sides are still lacking in evidence.

Also for a side note. Though i doubt you remember me...

Welcome back Gargron :3

Usui Takumi: I remember you.

Wasn't the old phrase "Innocent until proven guilty"?

I don't think Hitler would act according to that phrase. And, these offenders are dangerous. Even though one of them may be innocent, it's best to be safe at first.

I don't really see them pose that much of a threat. They might seem "dangerous" to the one they're confronting, but not to the community as a whole. We certainly have users on here who have done far worse regarding all of us.

@Gargron As the creator of that picture, I must sadly say that I do not have it. Either way, thread locked.

Unconstructive shitslinging all around, throwing up of pictures, and general butthurt-ed-ness. Grow the fuck up.

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