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@Admin I am not sure if your post is a way to take blame for what garballs did, but imho, I think you still make the effort, well little by little you'll learn to trust people. Cooperating/hanging out with them is a key step, and as for what DC showed me in those meetings before, well I kinda commend you for being in those and having mods to be there.

Well I see the point of "not trusting them ni the first place"
and "seeing what they excel at"

I'll be honest, Kirn and DC can be 'sometimes' a pain in the ass with what they do, but I can't lie if I tell you that they're not good mods. They just voice their opinions out, and they're REALLY GOOD AT VOICING IT OUT, which sometimes gives a negative vibe to some people since, sometimes shit is accompanied to that voicing out thing. Well I can't blame them, what they do is also for the site, and I think it's pretty normal for people to have conflicts. It's just that I find it really off that the site died, just because of one picture and not because the mods are fighting over trust issues. (I'd more be appreciating the site being dead if you mods were fighting over a conflict and not because of one pic)

Anyway, I wanna voice out something out but I don't wanna type it yet since I don't really want people to misinterpret it, and I can't find myself in blaming you since you really did do a good job at managing the site, it's just that time comes when shit happens.

An 11.5mb Nichijou GIF illustrates this perfectly.

@senkono, you're my hero. always in for the lulz and highly resistant to the feeling that a topic should be seriously addressed.
for that, I thank you. there have to be people like you, who don't know when to properly address a topic <3

Right right? I hold my ability to not do just that on a pedestal for all to see... that and my ability to wake up at exactly 7:00 AM every morning I have classes, gawd, I'm amazing. I mean, I could be talking about how it's fine you and Kirn decided to quit; I thought of you as good mods, so if you're going, cool, thanks for the work. However, I could also talk about though you decided to quit, you still like to get on the site and become instigators. It's all nice and fine that you think Gargron has an ego, I agree, he does (needs to get off his fucking high horse and trade it in for a pony), but at the same time, you QUIT and stopped trying to resolve things as a moderator and come back as a user with neo arm strong cannon up his ass. I find it a fallacy that you decided to leave the staff where you could have made the most difference only to talk your mouth off... errr, type your fingers off about the situation and constantly linking everyone to your pastebin, YES, we see it; I may wear glasses, but I'm not blind. What are you really trying to do? Are you really trying to help out the site with your tantrums? Or are you going on your own ego trip? Also, I love how you mentioned once that Spooky was convincing other users into his views and criticized him for it, yet, now I see you doing the exact same thing. Drawing any parallels? That being said, I have nothing against DC or Kirn as people/floating avatars, as they did more for the site than just about most users will, but I personally find what their currently doing nothing but BS.

Oh but these are all things I COULD have mentioned. Right, insert symbol at the end of post to point out the lolthisaintsrsbznschillax. <3

As I've been informed by @Warlock of the accidental deletion of my post, I shall post it again:

You clearly missed the point, dear senkono.
Neither I nor @Kirn will put our names on the staff list anymore, since we are not going to work under the current administration and the circumstances of the staff itself.
That we quit Staff does not mean we quit CL, or are going to sit idly while shit unfolds. You might not have been aware of it due to absence, but neither I nor Kirn were watching from the sidelines before/between being moderators.

In fact, no, currently, being a moderator is no better than a normal user if you want your voice heard. As a moderator, I held responsibility to approach things directly in the higher echelon. This, however, failed.

Notably, "bad publicity" and the fear of swaying people into seeing what actually is going on has proven more effective in the past as well, so why not be transparent and actually redirect users interested in "CL Politics" and the workings of the staff to the actual logs and info that is being held from public for whatever reasons? I got nothing to hide, if people request information, I'll gladly provide.

I, however, as you might have seen (tip: use your glasses), am not forcing anyone to "side with me", or my opinions. I am voicing my doubts, observations and predictions, alongside of source material I'm basing these on. This source material might be used by the people to build their own views, and gladly, a lot of regular users still do that rather than accept spoon-fed bits given via announcements. You know, those who don't just go for their personal enjoyment but actually care ♥♥♥

I read this all at once, now my head hurts.

I see only one problem here in Colorless. One.
You staff guys are a bunch of workaholics that get stuff done too quickly. New content and ideas are coming in at lightspeed. This server has only been around for a year and you already have another one?

Point is that lots of other sites take FOREVER to implement new stuff or fix bugs, months and years even. Does their userbase bitch like crazy or quit the site? No.

The problem isn't @Gargon, @Admin, or even @DarkChaplain or @Kirn quitting modhood. The problem is that you guys are too absorbed in work to see what Colorless is: A fun site to meet people of similar interests.


Glasses are always on, sleeping, bathing, blasting my balls with the shower nozzle, always. And you can make up excuses like "voicing my doubts" as much as you like, rephrasing the words, putting it in pig latin, binary, German, 1337 speak if you're willing, however, you know what you're trying to do; you're not starting this stuff up for the sake of the site or users; you're doing it for your own personal beef with ̶H̶i̶t̶l̶e̶r̶ Gargron and Acostoss and to feed your own egos, which I can respect to some degree, I like feeding my ego too. You could repeat the word "dear" in front of my name as many times as you see fit, but that won't change anything... except maybe a perception of you being my grandmother, in which case if you are:


Point is that lots of other sites take FOREVER to implement new stuff or fix bugs, months and years even. Does their userbase bitch like crazy or quit the site? No.

Thank you so much for this observation. I felt it'd be wrong if I said it, so hearing it from someone else is fantastic.

「The problem isn't @Gargon, @Admin, or even @DarkChaplain or @Kirn quitting modhood. The problem is that you guys are too absorbed in work to see what Colorless is: A fun site to meet people of similar interests.


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