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Mistakes, Complaints, and the Recent Shitstorm/slinging (Thread)

As you may have seen, there has been a bit of drama. To sum it up:

Kirn and DC do not agree with how I am running things. They wish to be included in all site decisions, even ones that have nothing to do with the end user. They also wish that all decisions are made by the people, no matter how daft. They argue for this under the unrelated term "transparency". I disagree, and have my own plans, and a team that wishes to support me.

So, in the end, they have left, and have decided to work as normal users, for, as DC so eloquently put it,

"bad publicity" and the fear of swaying people into seeing what actually is going on has proven more effective in the past as well.

They wish to make threads bashing me and the team, so that they will get their way, instead of working on the team as a staff member, fromthe inside, to get things to work out in the end. They have decided to, instead of taking a peaceful route, act as vigilantes, threatening the current powers to get their way. I do not care for this, and see it as merely children playing the role of "anarchist.

As such, I will be deleting any such threads. Their views have been made, and so have my views. If anyone tries to overthrow the site, or threaten it's well-being, they will be banned. Fighting it out does naught more than make us look like children.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you are free to send them to I check this email daily, and respond to every email I receive.

Have a great day!

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