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An ability from a an anime/manga character you would want (Thread) - Page 2

Touma's power, if others have a power
Joeys Sheid powers from Heroman.

Heroman FTW

Any power from Alexander Anderson (Yes, that includes the shiny glasses).

Honestly, Sena's "running abilities" (Devil Bat Ghost, etc) from Eyeshield 21. Because what would be the point of having some supernatural fighting powers if you can't use them to fight other people with the same powers?

Hmm. Lenalee's 'Dark Boots' ability is interesting, it's either that or Black Rock Shooter's awesome cannon. If that's considered a power.

Minatsuki from Deadman Wonderland.

Wild Tiger
Need I say more?

@Kuin @Original those are persons not powers.. though..

kanade's guard skill is cool

@break Wild Tigers POWERS! Good enough?

Id want the power that Gennosuke's force you to kill your self or Oboro's to negate other peoples powers from Basilisk or Lelouch to control people

Comic book character but who cares.

Robin. Trained by Batman. Agility off the charts and the acrobats.. <33 Better than any previous winner in the Olympics. Skills of a pro,yo.

The bracelet from kampfer

Sasuke's mangeykou sharingan powers

I would want Anri's Saika powers. I would be so cool to have random people listen to me for as long as I want. Then I wouldn't even have to worry about them remembering me if I didn't want them to.

Hazama's trolling powers.
I am being legit here.

Get wings like in DN Angel

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