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Wallbase Wallpapers (Thread)

3 days ago I found this excellent wallpaper website. Besides just having an amazing selection of wallpapers... it has enough anime wallpapers to rival zerochan or any other site I can think of.

You can search based on several criteria such as resolution, aspect ratio, purity(sfw vs nsfw), anime, not anime, etc.

Here's my current collection of anime/anime styled pictures that I've favorited. Check it out and run around the website.

dude, awesome stuff!

is currently downloading a ton of wallpapers >_>

Yay,finally no need to use google images all the damn time!Thanks~

I needed this website.

Thanks for this, Just made an account but have yet to add or download anything on it.

Not bad, you weren't lying when you said there were a lot of anime wall papers O_O

4walled is another great resource, which gets their stuff from the wg boards on where else, 4chan.

I look up Soul Eater and I get Masakaki, lol that's so random.

Yeah... I knew this from before... I showed it to my Bro and he found some awesome sauce wallpapers :3

Thanks for the link man, some great pictures on there.

amazing walls.. thanx so much

Nice quality, thank you

Yes, thats right! Grovel at Fieyr's feet!!!! No, but seriously, very nice website.

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