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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Thread)

I just saw this movie recently on cartoon network and wondered if anyone else had seen it or enjoyed it

Yeah, I enjoyed it. It was a revolutionary movie. It was the Avatar of that time.

I enjoy, in particular... Jessica Rabbit
Oh wait, I mean great movie. Love seeing Mickey and Bugs together on-screen.

I watched it and own it but lost so can't watch it no more.
Great Movie, I never quite understood how it was made and as a kid I was like "Wow! I want to meet cartoon characters."

Well yeah it's a classic movie, I watched it a ton as a kid. Jessica Rabbit stole my heart.

That movie is in my top 10 most favorite children's movies ever!! I've been in love with that movie since I was a little kid, and I've never stopped liking it. EVER!! (~ ^_^ ~)

@Anemone1 i'm the same way cause i saw it when i was like 7 and have always watched it when i saw that it was on

I watched it when I was like 8 and I loved it, I watched a little of it a while back and I loved it even more

hahaha it is amazing! and i remembered watching it when i was like.. 5? because of the ending scene with the weasels.. and i couldn't remember what movie that was until i saw i actually owned it a couple years back.. but i saw it on cartoon network the other day too :P i love it x3

it seems like everyone does

I have to rewatch that movie.. I can't remember much from it, I do remember liking it though.

Have to rewatch it to see if I still do.

Awesome movie.

This movie was incredible I wish I could watch it again. I wouldn't know if there was anything I didn't like about it. Great mixture of cartoons and live action which is something done before but failed so many times yet it works well in this movie.


wow old school. I remember watching that back in the day. if only there was a world were anime and the real world met...

that would be the coolest thing ever

Funny thing is, I hated the movie, as a child, but love it now. I think it's due to me caring more about production techniques, and how seamlessly the actors interacted with the animated characters.

I have seen it many times. I still want to watch it again.

Yeah i saw it i loved it!

Now that name brings back memories~

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