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Raps About Anything. (Thread)

Listen up, for my first thread, I will be hosting a tight set of rhymes. You people probably have it in you. It shouldn't be that hard. And I'm the only one that you should truly regard.

-Don't Hate on anybody, through regular post nor rap
-Rap about anything you want, like a video game or your life or school.
-Be cool. Constructive (I'm serious!) criticism is the best way for a rapper to improve. If you post any hate it will be disregarded.
-Have Fun! It doesn't have to rhyme perfectly. Slant rhymes (google is your friend) work just fine too.
-You can insert a video with instrumentals to make your rap look and sound cooler.
(someone please tell me how to do this, google did not help me on this one.)

I will start. This Rap is about my love for Pokemon.
(since i dont know how to embed the instrumental video, i will post the link here instead.)

(the video)

[Pokemon Rap] (Goes With Pokemon Battle Hip Hop Remix.mp3)

My name is Flywalker the kid and im a Pokemon Masta
Im’ Catching these bitches quick like a fuckin’ natural disaster
I caught a Charizard , a Chansey and a Pikachu too
I am finna shut yo asses up cuz i ain’t through with you
I’m Getting badges making paper and that is how I do it
I get the Japanese release because im pokemon fluent
And All the bitches cheerin me on and showin they bouncy hooters
I got the winged Jordans on and beatin pokemon losers

I’m Winning matches with my Flyness , Making choices with my Stylus
And im teachin all my pokemon some technical movers
And all my pokemon are level one hundred, theyre your rulers
I don’t chase paper no it chase me it’s my fuckin’ pursuer

I may not sound like much but I will fuckin’ spit while I can
Id rather live my dream than draw some pictures into the sand
I am the one, I’m the man, I got myself hella fans,
I am the one who defeated N and caught a Reshiram

(when the video does the regular music of the battle theme, ~this~ is sung)
~I battle when I am beastin and when im sure I have the time~
~I bust a verse on the haters and I really show em how to rhyme~

(beat comes back into play here)

Bitch my flow’s smooth like butter
And no I did not stutter
My Tauros raped your Miltank and got moomoo milk from her utter
I got my cap twisted backwards, Bitch your attire’s in tatters,
You better not fuck with me or all your blood will be splattered
Bitch my team is highly feared, And when things are getting weird
I defeat the Rockets, Magma, Plasma and evildoers
Im the man with the plan, The power’s in my hand
And if you play the game im spittin’ you will truly understand.

Pokemon, Bitch.

Constructive criticism, follow-ups, and new raps in the posts below. Hope you come up with fun stuff!

"[teens fly], [adults swim]"


EDIT: Oh, so you simply post the link. (facepalm)

@Kuru nice.

Derptastic Bombastic Elastic Fantastic....


Anyone else up for spittin a rhyme?

a work of genoius

A song about the triumphs of man over his greatest ordeal...

bumping. i feel like using this thread once more.

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