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Gamers solve AIDS enzyme (Thread)

In just three weeks, online gamers deciphered the structure of a retrovirus protein that has stumped scientists for over a decade, and a study out Sunday says their breakthrough opens doors for a new AIDS drug design.

The protein, called a protease, plays a critical role in how some viruses, including HIV, multiply. Intensive research has been underway to find AIDS drugs that can deactivate proteases, but scientists were hampered by their inability to crack the enzyme's structure.

The scientists turned deciphered the structure of the protein into a video game. At the University of Washington a program was created that turns problems in science into computer games.

@Kuru The CL has been wondering how to help the world like the "Dollars" and you have just given us a way. Most of us are Gamers, so why don't we make a group of trying to get better at Fold-it and solving real problems?

this is so full of win.

@FlyWalker I'm playing the game right now, it's actually kind of fun lol

Gamers are so smart :3

I just downloaded this game...

I'm ready to save the world.

wow...This is soooo awesome~

Mind linking to where you have the information from? Citations are always good :)

And no, gamers are not smart, but imaginative (spatial thinking?) and that's what computers are not very good at yet.

A link to the first page on Google about this XD

It's awesome that this happened!
Not only is it gamers who deciphered it, but this is also awesome for mankind as a whole!

Gaming = Srs bznss.

gonna tell this to my aunt, shes got HIV. "hey auntie, you may be healed thanks to gamers like me~" xD

The protein, called a protease, plays a critical role in how some viruses, including HIV, multiply

however they still need a fitting substrate which could block the enzyme i guess...

nvm just make a computer game out of it and let the gamers solve it :D

problem with the economy and need a solution ? GAMERS ARE THE ANSWER

Hm... Pretty interesting...

I can hear my 6th grade teacher right now "GAMES DON'T SOLVE ANYTHING" OH YEAH? ;D

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