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How do you feel about Dev? (Thread)

How do you feel about Dev?


I was wondering, even though Dev is up and running, everyone is still on old Colorless.

This definitely means that the community likes it here, any reasons you prefer the old layout over the new one?

Also, answer the poll and give me your own opinion: How do you feel about Dev?

Personally, I don't like the colors on Dev. The orange and purples are so distracting. I love Colorless's monochrome scheme, its what I usually use for anything and it fits the name "colorless"

The new chat is nice, but empty most of the time. I am here usually for the users that are around, even the ones that annoy me lol. Although it doesn't lag, it looks a little rough around the edges still which makes others not like it as much. Which brings to mind another question: if we move suddenly, will anyone go there too? I want my friends and children there... ;w;


school made chat not work over there, so im on old chat.

@wanderlust only constructive criticism please.

I agree on the colours, when logged out dev looks quite good if a bit bland, but when logged in the sudden plethora of colours thrown at me is really quite painful. Especially the new thread box, it's really a strain on the eyes that I cannot bring myself to stay on the dev front page for long after I logged in.

As for chat, it feels very mismatched, the fonts the way the icons are spaced from the chat box and their overall position just feels very off putting. I'd prefer it, if it kept to a cleaner look, having more uniform features than all these random design elements put together D: Also that whole choose your own colour thing can lead to very painful combinations D; this is why I liked the colours being somewhat restricted in the first place, less eye death that way.

In all honesty this isn't even monochrome, its all just a bunch of black and really dark gray lol.
I dislike both lay outs already but eh, im here for the community.

I'd like to see the new dev site grow while I sit in my comfortable familiar place of Classic CL.

There was also something else I thought of.

ClassicCL lacks colour in its presentation. The site has only shades of black, white and grey. But this lack of colour is compensated by the community who are a very colourful bunch in terms of not only ethnicity but opinions, behaviour an preferences.

In contrast devCL has a page with plenty of colours yet it still feels very bland. Less activity, the rules actually being presented and hardly any people on.

I know it is silly to compare the two at this point since clearly the better one is, well, better. And has had more time.

But we will compare and choose the better one, of course. It's hard to relocate a country.

It's hard to relocate a country.

/slowly applauds

@Yotsuba then our different shades of grey and black is what we love XD It just looks so much more sleek and sophisticated.

@Slyter You speak true words... -salute- Home is where the heart is and all that. It does feel like Dev still needs a soul...

I fear a forced transfer soon.

-It's ok-

I see it as a step backwards. The current site is simple and unique. Dev has too many different colors and the "create new thread" box is way too big and distracting.

I'm not one of those who thinks we should stay "colorless" but I think sticking to two/three colors is enough.
On the first page my only real complaint is the new thread box actually. It ruins the flow and my concentration.
Why not make it like the box you type your posts in now?
What are those? They are in the way.

Well, I see the inactivity being a combination of "we're already on this site, so whatevs, why should I post there?" Not so much the nationalism you guys describe, but pure laziness/apathy.

The colors will be changed, to flow a bit better with the design, as I too dislike having so many non-complimentary colors. Art/graphic design classes actually doing me some good~

The little dog-eared boxes are mostly to compliment videos/images/embedded block-level items. I'm going to suggest that he centers any links/span-level elements, as I noticed the same little hiding bug, as well.

A purely "monochromatic" design is quite the travesty, in the design world. It shows lack of creativity, and inability to properly design things. To tell the truth, I don't care for the current design, either, but software is software, why would I care about an "ok" design when it lets me get the job done?

Differences between current chat and dev chat, aesthetically:

  • Dev chat font is a wee bit larger, at 13pt
  • Dev chat font is not bolded, as the current is
  • Dev chat font has a little shadow, so that, no matter how bright of a color a user chooses, you can still make out the text
  • Dev chat is wider, and does not have forced wrapping of words, though it does wrap paragraphs.

As for the post box, I haven't much of a clue how it could hurt your eyes.I constantly switch between windows of varying brightness/color, as I am sure you do, checking your twitter/facebook/etc. Having a brighter part in a page to call attention to it doesn't bother me in the least.

Also, I am seeing a bit of complaining, but no suggestions. Might we try to be a bit more constructive?

@Acostoss rather than apathy I think it's mostly a case of fondness/sentimental feelings for the current site and it's layout and chat. That's the case with me anyway lol!

I'm only here 'cause the party's still here. I'm really on both though, just less on Dev. I fell like that's how most of us are.

There also seem to be some differences in how to get videos posted. Here, if I post the link the video will show up, but it doesn't seem the same on Dev. Or maybe that's just me.

I am on the main site for much the same reason as @TalTal19.

It's not so much the memories of the site that get me, but the people. I can always recall having fun with friends, I don't need to remember where it was. Thus, I don't quite understand being so sentimental about a site that has changed twice already, heading to it's third change/fourth design. But different people, different reasons, I guess.

@Acostoss was right for me, cba to change.


More constructiveness?


I would prefer something like this

I like the purple and orange and would actually like a more colourfull site but that beige does not fit there imo.

In the chat, if you can filter what colours can and can't be used, get rid of colours such as this:

@Noodle, ok I can see your point there. It does look a great deal nicer like that.

@someone173 That's why we have the text-shadow in chat, so that anyone can use any color.

Even so, is a "New Thread" section really needed at the bottom if there is a link on the side to make one? Just throwing that out there.

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