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How do you feel about Dev? (Thread) - Page 4

How do you feel about Dev?

18% I suggest having games like this where everyone plays with everyone else if we were to implement....

@acostoss I realize that, but what I was saying is that in its current state that seems to be how it will work. I suggest a sort of Captcha to keep from people spamming Likes and whatnot on their favorite peoples' threads. Or maybe a "5 reps per person per day" system? Not saying people can only get 5 reputation points per hour, but one person can only give up to five to one specific person within an hour. This may discourage spamming and unfairness. It's just a suggestion, though, and it might not really make sense...

@Nomi are you talking about this chat or Dev chat? Because in this chat the color picker has always changed your avatar. That used to be the only way to change your avatar, and you couldn't change it to your gravatar. We used to just recognize people by the color they chose. That's why my avatar is orange, because when I first started Colorless I always picked the orange icon.

@Flywalker37 Haha gosh, that would be fun. Like a Mario-style Server-tan game. It would be quite a reddit-copy though, as they've got that little banner where you can play a Mario-style game with their alien mascot. But #1: I think it would be quite fun to make it multiplayer. But #2: I have very little time and that doesn't seem to be very high-priority.

@Gargron Game idea sounds like fun, Would have to be multiplayer for sure~ I say just throw it in whenever you get a chance lol.

@canon: oh, yes, this chat. Strange for me, i always had my avatar stay the same and the BG colour changed.

Hmm,what about a section next to the popular,bumped,and new threads a favorite thread section?Where we could see threads that we want to keep an eye on easily.Not really needed but it would be something convenient to have.

can there be an ignore function on chat, so you can't see whatever theyre posting?

also, the game idea sounds fun but meh, on second though there should simply be one thread for multiplayer online games. make it a sticky. fair enough?

Ignore function in chat is counter-productive. For instance, let's say I have ignored userB, but have not ignored userA and userC

userB: What is your favorite anime?
userA: Naruto!
userC: Welcome to the NHK!

Now, I can only see them shouting out names of anime, and would be quite confused. Now, imagine if I had 5 users blocked, you had 5 users blocked, etc. Let us assume we didn't know they were in chat. Imagine the confusion when we are all trying to have a conversation, which looks different to each and every person in chat.

We have enough people asking "What's the topic" in chat, we needn't add more confusion.

You can, however, use your built-in ignore function, where you just don't read their posts, and just don't give two shits about the person. I use this magical feature all the time.

You can, however, use your built-in ignore function, where you just don't read their posts, and just don't give two shits about the person. I use this magical feature all the time.

I just felt the need to quote that, don't mind me.

Okay, I am now loving the colours on dev. They're quite nice to look at.

I've been watching dev and I've finally realized what bothers me about it.

To quote Gargron,

I would prefer anything to be posted in different threads. Long-ongoing threads get boring fast and become ungovernable. Cool new mod? Thread for it. Built something amazing? Thread for it.

That coupled with the new karma-like features and "one-upping" threads, I hate to admit it, but it's pretty much a reddit clone. The atmosphere that's being pushed, the posting methods, the extremely long and complicated and anal terms of service, etc.

And I don't think that's the kind of community we are. Sorry to say it. If I wanted that kind of fast-paced witty "cool new internet findings" community I'd just join reddit.

Not to mention how Reddit's system works really just because of the sheer number of users they have to form decent sized communities of just about anything. We don't have those numbers. Sooner or later, we'd all end up isolating from one another, and that kinda kills the purpose of having a community here.

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