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The Colorless: Online Asylum for the Mentally Strange CD (Thread)

Originally posted by @NGH

What's up?
Hello one and all. I'll just get down to the gist of it: @MrTingles and I figured it'd be neat to make a compilation CD with the voices of Colorless. What does this mean? It means you, the people of Colorless, record yourself singing (with a nice mic, preferably) and become part of a bad ass project. This will be our first compilation and there might be more if the masses want it.

The Theme
Online Asylum for the Mentally Strange
Sing weird songs! Not the normal mainstream hip hop songs about silly romance and $$$. Sing about oddities, sing about sex, sing about monsters, sing about pedophiles, sing about BLARHGUBHARUHB, sing about gore, sing about whatever the fuck you feel like - as long as it's strange and unusual.

Only submit three songs at MAX. If needed we'll split the CD into two parts, but we don't want a three hour long CD.

Please submit your real voice. No editing it or stealing from other people or adding music by yourself. However, if you want to do a duet with somebody it's totally cool!

The song has to fit the theme.

Submit by the deadline.

October 1st is the deadline to submit your songs. Please use megaupload or mediafire to host it and either post it here or PM it to me or @MrTingles.

Please post here if you're going to participate at least one week before the deadline. Thanks guys!

-NGH and MrTingles

Current Tracks
The Necrophiliac Love Song - by @MrTingles
Hermaphrodite Love/Pedophilia Beat- by @MrTingles
The Duck Song - by @Shirosuke
Smooth Criminal - by @Shirosuke
I'll Make a Man out of You - by @Shirosuke
The Happy Song - by @Momimochi
The Ebay Song - by @Momimochi
Barney's on Fire - by @Momimochi
Undecided - by @NGH
A...Disney Song? - @MrTrain
Little Girls - by @Acostoss
Barbie Girl - by @Acostoss
Fuck the Shit - by @Acostoss
Assassin's Creed Literal Trailer song - by @MyogiWarrior34
Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking rap battle - by @MyogiWarrior34 (feat. @hyzengard)
Undecided - by @CandyTenshi
Gangsta's Paradise! - by @n1xx
Still Alive - by @Fieyr
People Are Strange - by @Deftones

I will not be participating, but I am curious to see where this going XD
Basically I can't wait to hear it :D

I said on dev that I won't participate anymore as I'm too busy lately and I'm afraid I won't be able to attend to it. :< I am really sorry. There are many people involved in it anyway so I'm not a big loss. Lol. Sorry. ;A;

Does this mean I have to repost my Download link again?

Would it be alright to do "Harry Potter in 99 Seconds"?

Here's mine.


@MyogiWarrior34 - Do you have any interest in doing a duet of the following? I was crazy impressed with your clip. If you can sing the parts of the guy with the higher voice... I can handle the lower voice.

Alright then... XD I think I could do that.

and for the sake of repeating:
Assassin's Creed Revelations Literal MyogiWarrior34 cover

@MyogiWarrior34 - Awesome! I'll put together something with lyrics that shows which parts we each need to sing.

awaiting the lines @Fieyr

@MyogiWarrior34 - Ask and you shall receive!

I saved it as a .rtf (Wordpad file) so hopefully you can open it. I did my best to listen and figure out the parts. Listen and read along and see if everything looks okay.

Oh and if you want, you can just sing the whole song and I can mute any parts where we're not supposed to overlap... that's probably what I'm going to do. Whatever works for you though.

alright that works too. I might give mine within the day :/

I just heard the Duck song and I'll so melt when I hear @Shirosuke do it perfectly! <3 <3 <3

@MyogiWarrior34 - Here's my clip! I might redo it if we have time. Gonna have to see how well we sync up.

Hey guys, due to busy stuff in real life, we are extending the deadline for submissions to about Mid-Late October.

@Fieyr - You sir. JUST WIN BIG! Oh, and a question too if I may add, is that your natural voice or do you sing more comfortably with a low pitch?

suggestion though: sing alongside the Literal. Pretty much, play it back and you singing; make sure you're not on stereo mix so the playback won't add to the recording.

@MyogiWarrior34 - Haha thank you ^_^. No that's not my natural voice lol but yes I do sing more comfortably at a low pitch. I would say I'm more of a tenor though... not really bass. If you look at my youtube channel, I have some vids of me singing normally. Look at the Rain Cover and Tears of an Angel.

And I actually did sing along side the fact I recorded the literal into a track in audacity and lined up my vocals to the song... so don't worry... that's not just me singing in my car lol. When I exported the song as a .wav from audacity, I just muted the actual literal track so you would only hear my vocals. There are a few parts that don't sync up perfectly though so I might redo them... especially now that we have more time.

@Fieyr <3 That was friggin awesome

Maybe I should try Dead space 2 literal trailer. Or not. 2 Days. I'd never make it. I need like a week to pep talk myself into doing it xD

Or I could do Be Prepared from The Lion King in Swedish. MrTingles gravatar reminded me of that one 8D
Ironically I don't need to be prepared to do that one. Just alone...

Edit: I see now I'm about a week too late anyways. So nvm.

,,Little Girls" sung by @Acostoss ? o_O suddenly pedobear appeard in my head. Oh my, I am so sorry T_T.

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