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The Colorless: Online Asylum for the Mentally Strange CD (Thread) - Page 2

@Noodle - Lol thanks.

Tingles extended the deadline though so you should totally do it!

@NGH & @MrTingles
Since the deadline has been extended, would you still like the instrumentals to be ready for next week? :3

@n1xx, there'll be a couple of changes; well, more so on my part:
1. I might not be doing the William Shakespeare X Dr Seuss Rap battle with @hyzengard & @peteian any longer... well, due to certain reasons.
2. In replacement of #1, @Fieyr & I will be doing a collab of the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Literal.
3. @hyzengard wishes to participate; but he won't tell me what he'll do. He wants it as a surprise; for him, I'll tell him to send his instrumental along with his voice file.

Uhhh Hi guys! Just like what @Miyogi Said, I wanted to participate in this project, if its ok with you guys that is. My contribution to this project would be a repeat project that @Miyogi already done. This One:

But I thought I would try doing all the voices instead of just one straight vocals. So I hope this makes it different from his. I probably am not as good as everyone, but I love singing, especially the silly songs out there.

Hope my entry gets included in the roster of talents that this project is featuring.

Here's the link to my finished product:

Hyzengard Literal (Assassin's Creed Revalations):

Bumping for a revival
@Fieyr, mind if I do mine tomorrow morning? It's midnight here already. I'll send it tomorrow too.

@MyogiWarrior34 - That's fine :)

I'm finally done! Links are below:

Myogi & Fieyr Mixed in:

Just Myogi singing AC Literal (Brotherhood ver.):

Waiting on @Peteian & @hyzengard's parts for the Rap battle.

@MyogiWarrior34 THAT WAS SO EPIC! Perfect job with the mixing!

I know I said to some people I might not do this. But I just got a new guitar! And I happen to be learning the song I said I'd do, right now. SOLO AND ALL. Give me some time to memorize it though okay? Okay~

Extending deadline a little farther. Mid-November now. Sorry for delays, but real life and all.

It's okay @MrTingles. Please wait also for the triad file of me, Peteian & hyzengard.

Project still on standby, but it is STILL going on. Fear not.

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