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Ongaku lovers!!! (Thread)

I need to listen to some new music, guys know any??????

What is Ongaku?


Noticing the tags, you should revise your post and ask for Japanese music.

well actually it can be any music's ok....

JoJoBird ongaku means "music"....................

And keikaku means plan.

Hahaha. Figured as much, well there's a lot of good music what are you mostly into?

and of course, moo means moo. and people die when they are killed. otherwise, kill them.

/mainstream artist 1
/mainstream artist 2
/mainstream artist 3


@TokoyamiSenshi I LOL'd too hard for my lungs.

@GMYui I love making people happy :)

@TokoyamiSenshi Just according to keikaku.

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