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HUNTER x HUNTER (2011) (Thread)

"The Complete Reboot” “With the New Cast"

At first, the only thing I knew was there would be NEW EPISODES of Hunter x Hunter. It really made me happy so I excitedly clicked on a link and found out:

“The new Hunter x Hunter anime adaptation was announced in July 2011. It a complete reboot of the series starting from the beginning of the manga ... Instead of having the old cast reprise their roles for the new adaptation, the series will feature an entirely new cast to voice the characters.”

was shocked for few seconds I think it's pointless to have a remake on this where in fact they haven't continued the original yet. And now I’m soooo disappointed ( ̄□ ̄;) starting to worry Of course I’ll miss the original characters with their original voices especially Killua’s >.< Just thinking about it, is so hurting :’(

EDIT: Anyway, I feel somehow excited, so I’d surely watch this! x)) and hoping for it to be awesome as the original x))

"new twisst" erm, this will not be a new original anime, you realize that? instead, other than the original, it will be completely faithful to the manga. in short, its fullmetal alchemist---fullmetal alchemist brotherhood all over again. which si of course not a bad thing, no, not at all.

Oh sorry, what I meant was "something new" about it. x))

okay^^ though like i said, its not really anythign "new" it sjust that they make the real story now

Actually I'm kinda happy they are redoing the whole thing... for me it's a good thing... mainly because now i can start with the beginning, since i haven't seen/read hunterxhunter [but have wanted too], now i don't have to indulge on it all at once!~
So I'm excited!~

I was quite excited when I heard the news of Hunter X Hunter (2011) There might be a chance that they continue on the story past what the old series didn't. Too bad they aren't keeping the old voices, it should be interesting though. I've watched the old series (all of it) 8 or more times already.

EDIT: I just noticed the way they drew Killua on the 2011 poster makes him look a bit, well I don't want to sound like a weeaboo, moe? Yeah well they made him look cuter basically.

im a hunterxhunter lover since forever, and im actually looking forward to the reboot... aslong as they CONTINUE AND GO FURTHER FROM WHERE THE ANIME ENDED.

I mean nen is like the awesomest thing.

the most things I'd hope for are:
1\ a sequel
2\ Maintaining the same way of drawing all over the series because...I got sick of how they kept changing the drawing style in the Original one

@MrTrain yeah, i noticed the same thing too. I just hope that he would be cool as he was :)

just done watching the first ep ;))


Well I didn't watch the original but I've seen the first ep of the reboot and it seems really good. So I'll be watching this anime~

Well, yeah. It's good, but I'm still a faithful fan of the original anime. But I can't comment more as of now, since only first episode was released for now, and besides i haven't read the manga. The remake would be following the manga, unlike the original which has lots of filler as they say.

But I can say, "Ohayou" the original op, is more awesome :)))


@cbSKY: If this was Facebook, I would LIKE your post. Ohayou is one of my all time favorite anime songs ^^,

Anyway, I'm excited and I wanna watch this. Killua looks so moe <3

I just saw this a few months ago and I'm excited to see a new show but disappointed they aren't continuing it. I loved the characters on this show, all of them were really deep. The whole show was great. Do you know if the will do the OVAs as well?

@JoJoBird wellyeah, but isnt it better to have the real storylien now and not the made-up anime rewrittten stuff?

other than that, i enjoyed the first episode of this remake. it all just seems so old (while still beeing good), that i get extremely nostalgic while watchign it..

Oh I forgot to make any comments.
Well It's cool, it looks so new.
One thing I noticed most was how much Katsuo changed,
I didn't make that image but yeah, he's a wimp now.

This was one of my all time favorite animes and when I found out it was just a remake I was extremely upset. However, the first episode was good. The voices, while never as good as the original, felt natural and were good. And any new interest in the series is a good thing.

Fucking love the pace of it. None of that silly pointless drawn out crap. May have been slightly fast but it's episodes that have been done before in the original one so it's fine (like FMA: BH did). Animation look snice with art that still keeps the same style as the original. Will prolly be the anime I'll be waiting most for each week.
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The 3rd episodes has lots of surprises ne. Hanzo's eyebrow looks like been shaved off, Hisoka's surprising new voice, and Killua's new voice is good too :)

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