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Search Feature (Thread)

Did you know that there is an AMAZING FEATURE on this site? It allows you to FIND ANY THREAD that you want, if it's been made!
Wanna talk about your OTP in Durarara!!? There's a thread for it!

Yaoi? Thread for it!

Season 2? Thread!

And many more! Not just for Durarara!!, either. There is a Minecraft thread, one for Visual Novels, and an ENTIRE BOARD for forum games.

Now, how can you access this AMAZING feature? It's easy. Just move your mouse a little bit to the right, click where it says "Search in threads", and type away!

May all your dreams come true, and may you not keep making the same fucking threads over and over again.

still 0%/100%

I loled at the tags, How did you know I was gonna make one after seeing this? Man you're getting to know me too well~

Been done before, helped for a short while, until the next wave arrived.

@Prinny technically it hasn't been done. The thread you mentioned was never stickyied so it eventually fell out due to not being active. Now this is an everyday reminder, which pushes the simple feature onto members subconsciously so no matter what they know the feature exists.

Glad to finally see a stickied thread pushing this feature! :O

I approve of this thread. <3

@Settsuo-kun That's silly. Obviously it has been done so why not sticky that? I can come up with several reasons, one of them being admin thinking that thread was too... Not serious. The other ones are not reasons an admin should be judgeing by when it comes to threads. That thread is and was just as good as this one. I feel Admin is contradicting himself, just a little bit.

But this is a good thread. That is very true.

The other one was more of a not serious discussion thread, instead of a call-to-attention. Also, if I had stickied that, it would have seemed as if the colored search button would become a real feature, when it will not be.

I feel that this iteration, being worded in a different way, for a different purpose, will serve better than a joke thread that will only cause users to be confused as to why the colored Search Button is never implemented.

Have a bot that automatically sends a link of this to the new members so they won't have the "Oh I didn't know" excuse?

Time to go make a shizaya thread and prepare for battle.

I liked how you put the yaoi link there, dear admin. It made my day.

All hail the search box!

LOL! I was waiting for this thread to show up. And, a little off topic, but just to be clear:

Admin = acostoss , right?

If not, then who the hell have I been talking to? :l

You've been talking to DarkChaplain. Deal with it B].

These statements in this post are false.

Yes, I am @Admin, and one of the two active admins on the site, the other being @Gargron, our developer.

DC was never an administrator, nor will he ever be. The other, mostly inactive, admin is @Ryan. He helped found The Colorless, and has routinely helped @Gargron with coding problems in the past.

oh, i see. thanks for clearing that up.

on a side note, the necrothreads are still going strong. going to do something about it?

perhaps there should be 'volumes' for the threads.

hear me out.

one thread. it is full of posts. page after page. the user wants to make a new thread instead, to avoid the endless stream of pages he or she has to go through.

so, the user creates a new 'volume'.

in short, a volume would be a continuation of the same thread, but it wouldn't be under the same stream of old posts from yesteryear. instead, the same topic, same ideas, but under a new cover.

lemme put it this way-

in manga, after a set number of chapters are made, that is published and shipped off as one 'volume', correct? now, picture that, but with threads. each thread is like a manga title, and each page of posts is a 'chapter'. Now, instead of tacking on something new, and re-shipping the same volume with new chapters, you make a new volume.

people who read the title of the new post would be bored, along with the date of the beginning of the thread start- the discussion would get nowhere. newfags would want to make their own threads.

this is why the user makes a new 'volume'.

let's say every, oh, 10 pages of a thread is one chapter. and every 30 pages is one volume. now, this volume was made a long while back, almost a year. instead of making a post on this old thing, you want somethin new, right? new volume. this way, it's the same title, but new ideas and rebuttals are being posted, to keep the general idea going between oldfags, midfags, and newfags alike.

keep the story going~

this would kill two birds with one stone. No necroposting in necrothreads, and no new threads where there has already been with the same general topic.

I think something with this idea should go into the new, because this is getting too effing complicated. also, to make sure the titles are found, make the search box closer to the top of the site.

ok, now ive lost interest in this idea. take it or leave it, mod it or keep it, whatever. just one guy trying to fix problems here.

@Flywalker37 A much easier idea, in the works for dev, is the automatic locking of threads after 3 months of inactivity.

That would mean that a thread made a year ago, but inactive for 3 months, would be locked, and could not be posted in.

A thread a year old, but still active with at least one post every three months would not be autolocked, and still be open for discussion.

...makes sense. :l guess i just wasted my thoughts on that one lol

Closed threads that have not been posted in for 3 months.

What was that? Is that supposed to be called an update? Please give me a more thorough explanation.

Will thread creators be able to unlock old threads?
If threads become locked after three months, why would anyone even bother with the search function since the thread most likely will be locked?

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