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What is your fav KHR parings? (Thread)

I'm really just courious so ill go first. I like 8059, 1859, 10069, and 1827

I agree with Sushi. But I also adore majority of the crack pairing. Xanbel beig my ~~khr otp~~ but I also really like D18 and B26 (^∇^)

those are good parings and i aslo agree with sushi she needs to put some kind of Romance into the series.

Tsuna x Kyoko & Ryohei x Haru.

Oh Boy...
2701, 1869, 8059, G27, X27, 8086, 2795, D18, 2786, 2700, 6996, 2727, 2772, 3387, RLuce, Aria57, 5666, 88R, 2377, EDae...
Yea... I have alot.. .there is probably more too...

5927, 6927


Wao brewers6655 thats alot.....

@Masaomi-kun8059 Yeaaaa.... I know.... but it is so hard to just pick a few!!!! >o<"

I don't... Really... I'm picky... Like I hate Byakuran with anybody... same with spanner and shoichi.... i don't like gokudera with anybody but yamamoto and Haru [maybe] I'm not a fan of varia pairings so the only reason i like X27 is due to this fanfic that had a bit of everything xD

Wow i agree with you about Gokudera.The only straight paring i ship with gokudera is haru.

HAhaha seriously? xD No other ones?

Only them two and mabey tsuna but other than that no gokudera i yamamoto's only!!!

YamamotoxGokudera DinoxHibari
I love these pairings
yaoi forever

My favorite is drum roll... YAMAMOTO and GOKUDERA <3

Wao im not alone!!!!!!

8059 Forever<3

ha ha 8059 love :D

They are so great^^ I love them both xD 8059 <333

yay!! ^^

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