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What is your fav KHR parings? (Thread) - Page 2

@brewers6655 :yay! I'm not the only one who likes a lot of pairings! i like 1827, 6927, G27, Ricardo27, R27, C27, 10027, 0027, X27, a bit of 8027 and 5927 and many more...

But my most favorite tsuna pairingz are 182769 and ALL27♥

i love tsuna :>

but for non-tsuna pairings, they're 8059 (WHOOO!!!), XS (their love-hate relationship is very suspicious...) and very very very very little 100Uni.

I think they look good together, but it's very disturbing. -_-;

also, Reborn and pedophilia. It's impossible. Even though first gen/tsuna is pedophilia too, it's kinda cute. But for the cow baby and the best hitman in the world...weird.

i agree on the Reborn and lambo thing. but i really dont like 8027. i just dont know why. sorry to put you out like that.

I also agree with the reborn and lambo thing... cause if you thing about it... Reborn is like... 50 years old... and lambo is like 5... That's like 10 times his age... -shivers-

@illusionary_sky18 OMG You mentioning 100Uni sent my mind reeling!!!! Okay Uni is like Futa's age right? I ship them from this day on xD
And HIGH FIVE for All27 xD

Wao All27 is good but just the individual paring 8027, i dont like it. I think its wierd.

gokudera and yamamoto all the way

YAYY Another 8059 paring lover

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