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Occupy Wallstreet (Thread)

While this is mostly an american problem, the impact of it is global. Some of you may have heard about it, other may not, I'm still baffled that we don't have a thread already about it.

This site has everything you really need to know, but forum goers are often too lazy to click this link. So here is a video, with moving pictures and speaky parts.

Now, hopefully that's enough to get your interest and realize that shit is going down.

The idea is a massive, internet organized protest on Wall street, the major east coast financial district. Our people are fed up with the corrupt manner in which the rich propagate their own wealth and step on the back of the lower/middle class to do so. They go so far as to bribe and effect our congress, offering enormous campaign contributions to anybody willing to pass legislation for them. Capital is becoming the defining force in government.

In other words, Wall street is a major source of corruption.

So this peaceful protest was organized about a couple weeks back, and has taken people by storm. It started on Twitter and moved over to Tumblr and goggle +. Now I'm even seeing a little bit on Facebook. It's popularity is growing, but there was a major obstacle. No media attention.

It's not too hard to believe, all the major news organizations are owned by the rich. At one point, Twitter blocked the hashtag for #occupywallst in america. This is similar to what happened in Libya. Police are going around and smashing cameras and trying to prevent information spread.

Then somebody jumped to police brutality (as shown above). The world exploded. Videos of women being tackled, peppered sprayed, boxed in, various forums of verbal and physical abuse. All of which was unprovoked, with no violence on behalf of the protesters. With this, some of the major media were strong armed into reporting on the matter, and now tension is higher than ever.

Sites that are relevant to your interest


Breaking Developments and Atrocities:

People are banned from wearing masks (directed towards the guy fawkes mask).
Various reporters have been arrested.

Might take a ride down and see what's good on wall street. Maybe I'll become news on your thread.

This is pissing me off soooo much right now. It was a PEACEFUL FUCKING PROTEST and yet the police, it could've been someone on Wallstreet, have to ruin it. This just makes me loose hope with humanity. Fuck the rich.

god dammit America what have you come to? I hope these cops get everything they deserve and more.

I so wanna be an American right now. I WANNA PROTEST AGAINST THE RICH! Well good luck to all who are protesting. This seems like a really good cause. And holy shit, If a cop did that to me I'd punch the shit out of him :/ But I guess he's only doing that to piss off protesters.

This is America. We basically popularized the idea of corruption in the police/government/what have you.

How is this a fucking surprise?

For me, it has more of a 'it was about damn time' feel to it. But America is well on it's way to becoming a police state, if you think shit is going on in Wall street, I can guess it's just the tip of the incoming shitberg.

Don't sink, people of America. It's your chance to make things right again.

Went to check it out, they have blockades everywhere and cops are waiting all around the block. I didn't see any protest.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The morning of Saturday, October 1st.


I know that some ex army are heading down in uniform today to help the protestors. If this blows up any more I might have to head down there, i'm only a train ride out of the city.

@IIEarlGreyII Much respect for you (and for any Colorless people who participate) if you do go.

@NGH well I have homework, so probably not really. xD

But if you will like me more maybe I will ./////.

My friend kinda freaked a bit at this video cause at about 7:37
the girl in the Invader Zim hat is her friend Katie.
People were freaking out on tumblr saying shes 13, but shes 18.

Heard there's something similar in Boston that started up called Occupy Boston.
Will most likely go to it tomorrow or wednesday.

My friend was telling me about this a while ago. I won't be participating till I know what we're fighting for. Right now it looks like protesting for the sake of protesting.

If it turns out that this fight and my fight are the same, I might head out there since I'm also just a short train ride across the Hudson River.

This is terrible, people are showing their displeasure with getting the short end of the stick even though they are the mass population and try to peacefully show this injustice. The police which is supposed to act in the best interest of the people, turned this into a riot. This only causes more people to strongly side with the protesters and cause a larger movement than it was.

When the riots took place in Egypt, there was massive coverage and almost everyone knew about it but something that is happening in New York City with no coverage, is very fishy. Silencing one or two will probably work but silencing a whole mass will not. Using a bit from 1984, the Proles had the power to take action but did not because of similar situations the 99% is in.

Sorry if I sound like going against the grain here, but when you see such people "protesting" looking like this:

it somewhat contributes to why no one is taking it seriously.

Lmaooo yep. that's katie.

Thats exactly why, This did start off as a noble and honest protest, but its blown about and now its filled with idiots, i walked by every day the first week it was going on and all was good, then it became too big for its own good and then a bunch of idiots causing ruckus kept running amuck.

I would blame the police but i clearly see how its not their fault and its solely on the idiotic crowed that's joined in, wall street is where the economy of the world takes place, and i can bet most of those accountants are miserable enough crunching numbers and don't want to have their shit tossed up and about.

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