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Berserk Movieish Movie???? (Thread)

okay okay okay sooo i heard that they were going to continue the berserk anime but mash it up into a movie or something im not quite sure about that too soooo can people fill me in with some infomation HERE!!! thanks ^_^ i would love for some replys

its more like a re-telling, which is supposed to be better now and stuff...really lookign forward

:D really now!! awesomez haha do you know when its going to come out? :O

nope not yet, but gotta besoon. they already made a figma-figure of guts.

lolz DARNIT!! D:< i think i saw it..cuz i watched this little trailers of it with were freakin awesooooooome!!! >w<

haha^^ okay, i guess itll be good i hope~

tehy are going to do 3 movies.

trailer for the first part that will be released in january 2012

I wish it was a new season instead because the story is huge. A lot of things are gonna get cut out.

Nonetheless it is something to look forward to.

even for a movie i bet they will not cut all the stuff they did in the ol series. :D

awesome trailer!! but i really dont like the whole 3D thing going on... O_O...just not a fan of 3D looking anime. <_< and they betta not cut out stuff! XD

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