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Math Love (Thread)

There be hatin' on math in disliked subjects so I have come to defend it! I confess: I love math. Math is my waifu. We will have many babies together.

Math is not boring, it is an exciting subject with infinite possibilities ( ̄∞, ∞). Our world is made up of mathematics anyways, so learning it let's you get closer to understanding our world much better. Same with science.

So, tell me, are there any other lovers of mathematics and/or the logical subjects of our universe? Science is fine as well. We can do science. <3

math is the enemy. science.... depends.

@Flywalker: I already know that 99% of people hate math. I'm just hoping I can find anyone who actually likes it.

sqrt(-1) love math. I don't like $185 textbooks, though.

Don't get me wrong, I have a great appreciation for math. It's scary how well physics, for example, can be described with math. But I hate learning it. My brain is just not wired that way.

@someone: OMG √-̅1̅ <3 ∪∪∪∪∪U

A lot of people have an unconditional hatred for mathematics which does not compute with me. There's supposed to be an equal amount of right-brained and left-brained people, but the statistics of most hated subjects doesn't add up with that.

Honestly, math was my favourite subject when I was really young.

You have my support! ^^

Mah brain = artistic side

math does not effing compute.

not that i hate it.
it is almost impossible to understand, therefore i brand it as retarded and shun it like that one kid in 8th grade.


at least anything that has to do with algebra, the hate for algebra has now been burned into my soul.

I love math. :D I used to love science too, but now that's changed because of my new science teacher... She yelled at me yesterday for smiling while she was telling us not to talk during our quiz (I didn't notice that I was smiling, and sometimes when I'm nervous, I smile). ._.

I hate the fact that my math teacher is reviewing. That's how much I enjoy math.

I don't get how people hate math. I personally find it interesting and.... Surprisingly, fun....

It's my favourite subject in school as well.....
Even more than my wonderful science and english courses...

You do realise that in university, the arts facility has more math than the science facility, right?
And plus, art is math. Think about the parabolas and the square root graphs. Those are what makes up pictures in general. And it's math. Even when you go into video programming, you'll probably use 3-D coordinates and whatnot.

I love doing math but I guess I'm not so good at it. I like getting a problem, learning how to solve it, and solving it. Unlike English where the solution is covered under confusing rules and always made up by every other teacher, Math is universal and can be understood by anyone. But to be honest I don't really have a hated school subject only when bad teachers are involved.

I love math but only because it's so easy to me lol.I guess I love it cause it can be funn...sorta

I love math. The orgasmic moment of declaring large portions of differential equations to be 0 is just irreplaceable for me. Okay, exaggerating here, but I really do like math.

Also, cut the left/right side crap. Math is a language and language is math; it's just that notation is a bit different. If you can speak, you can do math, it's just that you don't want to do it.

Or maybe you'd prefer to think that you're stupid? I wouldn't.

Maths is the most interesting and satisfying subject imo.
And yes, thanks to i, mathematics ∈ [-∞,∞]

But I'm kind of sure the dominance of either side of the brain can effect how some people would be able to handle mathematical (i.e. logical) processes.

@Tokoyami: I wasn't saying that only certain people can do math, I was only saying that there are those who like it and those who don't. All people should do math. It is a useful skill and helps you enormously. However, creative, or "right-brained", people have a tendency to not care for math, because it is not a part of their personality or their affinity. And by creative, I mean writers/English majors in particular, since math is not necessary for that side. This right/left brain dominance does not predetermine this, I know a few people who have an affinity for both, such as myself.

I am only speaking generally, for there are always exceptions to everything. There is a reason, however, why many exceptional mathematicians are not very prestigious with writing or spelling, and a reason why many exceptional writers cannot grab mathematical concepts quite so easily. I have witnessed this several times firsthand.

I don't love or hate it. But I am loving my calculus class. Everything seems like a puzzle.

I <3 math. Everything seems so simple when it comes to equations. Step by step... so fun :) I only like Chem and Physics in science though.

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