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In response to those that have a fear of math/sciences. (Thread)

Very useful resource, he covers various topics in math, sciences, business through many, many youtube videos.

Ah, my Calculus teacher told us to use that. It's very helpful.

Isn't this funded by Bill Gates or something? :/
Our math teacher made us use it.

Ninja'd by Decae. By .04 seconds.

LOL I was actually on Khan academy earlier today because the math thread inspired me lol. Although I was totally looking at physics. There was math though!

I never heard of this site, but now I know of it and it is cool. I guess this might be a good way of reviewing math 'till I actually start studying it next year, not that I like math though, it's just the subject I'm best at.
...And it's not some kind of self-denial thing
(spoiler tags aren't working so.)

Seeing as I probably have to go to college soon...thanks. This should help.

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