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Insane Christians that give other Christians a bad name. (Thread)

i hate it. im Christian and when you tell somebody that your automatically stereotyped as a 'religious nut', stupid, or something like that.Why do people have to be so religious that they try to force in on other people?? does anybody know what im talking about?

Yes, and unfortunately many dumbasses can't comprehend how Christians don't all act like nutcases. Most Christians don't, but it's the ones on the media that make everyone think "zOMG KRISCHANS R SO EBIL".

The unfortunate reality is that those who lack good ideas and practice poor thinking over compensate with loud voices and ridiculous claims.

Why is this in food? Food for thought you mean?

that's pretty much the catholics fault , but i don't even see them as christians...

more like CathLOLics.... get it ?...

.....that's a bad pun and i should feel bad

You should XD And sadly it's just a fact that you get extremists and over zealous fruitcakes in every single religion. We are just a bunch of nutty humans after all!

I can see where you are coming from. I am Muslim and am judged by the actions of the exception rather than the majority.

@Shirosuke It's in food because he is suggesting we eat them.

@Dante I chuckled a bit, only a bit though.

I personally think most Christians beliefs are diluted and they need to get back to the actual beliefs of it. Read the Bible in its original Latin, it's a lot different. Like Mary wasn't an actual Virgin, but it was suppose to mean she was pure. If you can't read Latin, Judaism has a lot of similarities with the original Christian faith, since Christianity was first a sect of Judaism.

yeah especially when that guy said he was a christian and made up that thing about the world ending on what eva day it was. now he gave all christians a bad name when most of them didnt even believe that crap. i didnt believe it. but still.... uhhhgg...

I afraid to say its true although thats not everybody,but I love being christian but im not all over it 24/7 addicted i just go to church for 30 min each week,and i like it that im not obsessed

I was thinking of eatin-err... converting to Christianity but I've found more delici-no, sensible religions out there. So, I don't think Christianity is insane, just isn't marketed to modern tastes. Ditto with Islam.

Also, it has too many flavors and I can choose only one. How am I suppose to know which one's the best?

I'm a catholic and I always will be, but when other catholics are religious nuts (in my catholic school we call 'em Jesus Freaks) it just makes me facepalm.
Stop it guys, you're embarrassing your own religion.

yeah, you get that with every evangelistic religion, and even non-converting ones. you get that with everything, actually. it doesn't even have to be related to religion. ethnicity, race, community, culture... everything has the nutjobs and the sensible people. you just have to look at people as individuals and not by their circles.

I still don't get why this is in food. And this shit happens with all religions, for example i know some reallt nice muslims, yet some people still classify all muslims as "terrorists".

It's not in Food anymore.

Also, lots of people use their favorite righteous religion or philosophy as an excuse to be a jerk. It's essentially a claim of enlightenment that justifies counterintuitive, misanthropist and/or antisocial behavior.

Although quite a few do not do this, some do. Christians are no exception.

I am atheist, my best friend is a catholic, we get along swimmingly so obviously not all Christians are totally batshit. They're just regular people, there are cool ones and assholes, just like the rest of us. Same goes with any other religion really.

The scriptures clearly states to do his bidding or go to hell.

@TrevInc interesting, thx for the post ^^

@Selef All my friends are atheist, we get along too

@mizlily the bible is mans interpretation of Gods words, he forgives, and we all are naturally righted to have an opinion. I believe in evolution, but I have still accepted God into my life, and look forward to a better afterlife.

I don't really care whether or not my friends are Christian, they're all cool to me as long as they don't try to force it on me. There's this one guy in my class though... oh man, he practically screams 'religious nut' when he incorporates God, sins, Jesus and sheep in all of the answers to his assignments.

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