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My Own Manga (Thread) - Page 5

you only need to learn some basics, alot of people are billingual so they'll help you out

.... I know individual words. And the very basics... Since well, school made us learn it.

@shafnat Your perspective is very nice, and you're good at establishing a starting point for your manga. The lettering on the skateboard wheel is nice too.
I think you can improve on your character's body though. From what I've seen, it looks sorta stiff and the joints don't seem to be bending very naturally. What you can do to practice is go to a mall and draw the mannequins that are posing in front of the stores if there aren't any figure drawing classes where you are. Once you can draw a human, you can draw anything :)

@bleachedsnow :Sure, i gotta learn body proportion from mannequins! :)
thanks for advice! :)

@ALL : really, i'm not only changed the first of my manga, BUT I CHANGING IT FROM THE FIRST AGAIN..XD
Damn, i realized my drawing was improving.. and it's because of your critiques.. thank you for CL!

@shafnat Cool! Now, improve your grammar! XD

Anyway, if you wanna improve your anatomy, I really really REALLY (really) recommend Andrew Loomis' books. I'm using them right now and I didn't event realize that I'd been drawing for 10+ hours just trying to draw one person with all the proper anatomy (In which I failed due to fatigue and lack of skill OTL but hey, at least I learned something)

Well, at least it killed the time when my internet was down.

Now, I see one of the problems with your human drawings is that they lack depth. While learning anatomy would solve the problem, I think it's impossible to understand it without understanding the complexity of light, shadow, value, and composition.

So... I guess I can do a crash course.

We typically use the 5 value system which goes from Really Light (LL), Light (L), Medium(M), Dark(D), and Really dark(DD).

Highlight is LL, Direct Light (not clearly shown on the pic but it's where the white area is, highlight is the brightest spot) is L, Core and Cast Shadow is D (because they receive the least amount of light), Reflected Light is M, while the spot where the object directly touches the ground (not shown but it's the little spot just under the sphere there) is DD.

Here's the value chart:

Then there's the edge treatment, while drawing the edge, the edge is lighter on the lighter side while it's darker on the darker side like this (sorry, crappy image)

Then, cores need to blend in while cast shadows need to be sharp.

There's also local value, which is color in grayscale. Try to get the local values first before applying the light/shadow value.

You might think think that this doesn't have anything to do with manga but you are severely mistaken. This is what bad mangas don't use in which they use screentones instead. Good mangakas combine this knowledge with their screentones to produce a higher quality picture so be one of the good ones okay?

Here's a guide not by me lest I made a mistake (it's 3:AM okay!)

Here's one of composition

I also have another guide for composition but it's on printer paper. I'll post it when I get a scanner.

@eterno : oh, THANK YOU!! :D
it's really helpful! who think that doesn't have anything to do with manga? It is really really neccesary! :D
And i get it.. if that ball is head, so the shade spot with the darkest shade is on the neck, right? and, could you give me something again abut shading?i still dizzy about it. like how to apply shade if the sun located above, beside, or below.. please..X)

@shafnat The shadow on the neck would be a cast shadow so in the case of the head, since it's not touching anything, there won't be a DD value at all. DD is mostly when an object is touching the ground.

and how to shade according to the light? if it's from above the shadow's below, from right, it's on the left, from left it's on the right, from below, it's above, from top right, it's on bottom left, do I really need to state the obvious?

@eterno : Sure! it is the dizziest thing!XD
oh yeah, this is the page i made 3 days ago..

Uhhh, yeah... The ear is off as in the position and the scale.

The head too... oh and you got a flounderface disorder. here's something you might wanna like

Hell, get the whole site

EDIT: and have a funny comic

@eterno : THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! :D
that wooden character page helps me out to make 3d character better! XD
but, why do i feel guilty to you? :o

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