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Thread Auto-locking (Thread)

Hey there!

Given the recent necroposting being used for spam, threads that have been inactive for >3 months will be autolocked.

Wait, doesn't this go against your recent thread, stating we should use the search feature!?  

Not at all! You see, if a thread has been inactive for that long, then, more likely than not, it was not an active topic. With our merging of threads, we find whichever one was the most popular, and merge into it. Thus, if it hadn't had anything merged into it, and noone had posted into the original thread, it was nothing of note!

Wait, what if the thread was already made, but was locked due to inactivity?  

Feel free to make a new one, or ask any moderator to unlock it!

Ok, so the current idea is that I should first check if the thread is made, and, if it isn't go ahead and make it, If it is made, post into the already-made thread. If it is made and locked ,I can decide whether to ask for the old one to be unlocked, or make a new one?  



There's pretty shitty threads from 2 months ago. If I was a spammer this would not stop me in the slightest. I'm just Saiyan.

I also have a bug report. None of the necrobumped threads are locked even though you deleted the last poster.

Ah, I will go through and lock these manually tonight. If you find any, feel free to flag them.

As for the spamming, if it's a terrible thread, it can be moved to spam. The spammer necrobummped things that were actually useful threads, though their time had passed, causing them to be irrelevant. They weren't really worth moving to Spam, and were thus locked.

auto-locking makes sense. good work. this is used on dev as well, correct?

b-but @acostoss my raburii fanclub i made for you means it's locked ;u;

Then you can ask a mod to unlock it, @hais~

@flywalker37 yes


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