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Skin cells can make Stem cells? (Thread)

I heard this a long time ago, I do not think that many people know about this because when I have debated stem cells with someone before they brought up abortion. I quickly told them about this development. I have not heard much about this since, so if anybody knows any developments in this please post.

It is possible for cells like brain cells or skin cells to convert to stem cells. There is a gene called "Nanog" and if you fuse a brain cell with a stem cell boosted by Nanog, it converts into a stem cell. If it works the same way with skin cells I don't know, but hey, at least it is possible to gain stem cells by evolved cells.
Things like reproductive or therapeutic cloning are possible. I don't know if they made any further progress (this is one of the topics we deal with at school and our books are from 2007, so... xD), but I guess in about a year there will be a new breakthrough.

Clones have no souls. They are demon spawns.

Stop trying to play God and let nature do it's thing, ya sickos.

@Flywalker37 But its so fun to play god...
I WANT A CLONE BABY! or clone army?
hmmm.... yes I suppose an army is what I need for my plan...

serious mode
I've looked around before and it is possible for people to clone people with the current level of technology we have (we have cloned other animals after all) but due to legal issues people don't try (cloning is illegal because the government is being a dick as usual)

it's unethical. im against it for animals but hey they have no souls so whatever.
for humans? hell to the effin' no. we have souls. If the person is cloned, the clone has no soul. making it an easy vessel for a demon to enter it and control it as a physical form.

this is my theory on how the antichrist will be formed.


This is one of the only cases where the government's 'dick-ness' is tolerable.

@Flywalker37:You have no way of proving animals have no souls. For all you know they might. Also, the ethical aspects differ form person to person. It's not something that is so clear and cut as you may think. Bringing religion into this seems awkward and no one can prove their side with religion.

The main point, is that people can benefit whether they clone a portion of a body, or a whole body. Many have lost limbs, organs, and such. I'm most likely supporting for cloning only part of a body, because I do believe killing a clone who has a developed brain is wrong.

there is no scientific proof of such a thing. if you copied me atom for atom I would act and do the exact same thing, not only that but I would also have the same memory. I would be a copy.

So yeah. I support cloning. it would help us map the human genome A LOT which would help with fixing genetic problems, even recessive ones.

and I completely agree with @warlock (awesome name by the way), religion and science don't mix.

bringing religion into this will just make things worse. saying everything should be as it originally was is like saying don't try to cure cancer because that's gods will or something, i.e. bullshit. humans have the right to do whatever we want with whatever we want. the consequences of our actions are the only way for us to learn.

but yes I do think everyone is entitled to their own opinion just don't be prohibiting me from doing what I want to do because of that opinion. keep it in your pants.

///Souls are recycled thought time body to body to create nay copy a soul is merely thus playing GOD and leads to MOD souls that of which will eventually break down due to an identity crisis///

Flywalker37 u r right!..don't play god & do not clone^^

What is a man? A miserable little pile of - wait...wrong thread.

Also, there is evidence that stem cells can hopefully greatly reduce the effects of aging. I'm really hoping we see more advancements of science in my time.

To clone human subjects is not wrong because it defies god. It's wrong because it's immoral and unfair to the cloned person.

I have heard they are able to clone organs only though and that's really amazing.
If the clones came out as mindless organ donors that would be great too. But it would take too much resources. We are already too many people as it is.

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