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Power of the Pigs (Thread)

This is an old story I heard but a very interesting one. A man cut his fingertip and his brother offered some powdered pig bladder and told him to put it on for a while. After a while the fingertip grew back, I have heard scientists were looking more into this because they can possibly regrow even organs. I have not heard much about this since so post anything if you have heard more.

Maybe pigs are a man's best friend or even more related to man than we thought. I suddenly am reminded of Animal Farm By George Orwell.

I am somehow skeptical about this, even though the story is on boingboing which is not exactly some unknown yellow pages website.

I heard about this on the science channel as well. So it must be a credible story. It is unreal though.


Here's the thing about science journalism: It nearly always overstates everything by a lot, even when it's a science-oriented publication. The mainstream media are even worse, (non-scientist) bloggers and such moreso.

Yes, the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are probably on to some kind of thing, but no, it probably isn't going to lead to limb regeneration within the next few years. Regeneration of internal tissue is apparently a thing that this does already help with.

If you want to check on what's the newest in research in this, check pubmed, the term you want is "Extracellular Matrix". [Link to search]

mmm. obviously there must be some biochemical compound to instigate the growth of fingers...

but there is already a new technology that sprays...yes sprays skin for people who need skin cells immediately. its currently replacing skin grafts because they are inefficient and slow.

tru fax yo

I'm really skeptical about this. I haven't heard of anything like this happening before but I guess stranger things have occured. It would be cool if it did work though.

Thank you for the link @halcy. I really wanted to know more about this subject being so astounding, I hope to see what this discovery could lead to.

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