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I want to see another amateur manga! (Thread)

I've made a manga,and share the example pages link in this website. But peoples said my manga isn't good at all.
Now i just want to ask, is there someone here ever made a manga? i want to see it!^^
i want to learn from your manga where is my mistake in drawing.
I join colorless to talk about manga ,share my own manga, admit people critique about my manga, and share manga drawing experience together..
Thank You.. ^^
-Shafnat Naufal

i shall make a short 10 page manga draft and post either 1 or 2 days.

i can't do manga but i can write a story...i've got two stories tat i am still currently working on ^^

Well I got a 4koma on hand and it's in a rough draft format
You can still extract some laughs though.

@MrTrain short but funny, that caught my attention ^_^

Hahaha! it's funny! it was just a draft,right? why don't you continue that drawing? that can be great! you can draw perspective as well!
but, i recommend you to varying the frame order.. that's all.. You're good drawer, MrTrain..

A train is not a train until its roadkilled someone.

shoudltn you look to real manga as to where you can get better? also, you should post some of it so we can tell you whats your mistak eis- also, if the story is TAHT good, even shitty drawigns dotn matter anymore. just look at elfenlied, the manga's drawign style is the absolute worst ive ever seen in an official, well-known manga and still its super-popular and good.

spell check? -lol-

but i agree with @break on this one, look at published good manga. This way you can learn faster.

HAHAHAHAHA Great one @MrTrain that was hilarious. Now all you need to make it a manga is huge eyes that need a page itself.

@JoJoBird says the guy with a profile pic from a disneyseries... (mimicking american comics like myckey mouse is one of the reasons why anime eyes got so big in the first place-take a good look on astro boy!)


Japanese comics aren't all filled with wide eyed bishoujo's.

@break This isn't from Disney, it's from Warner Bros.

A simple joke is a simple joke, I am fully aware that not all manga is littered with huge eyes and stuff. I have read before that the creator of Astro Boy was first inspired by the creator of Donald Duck comics and without those Donald Duck comics, manga will probably never have been created or what we now know it as. I for one think American comics should be appreciated more as most people past them off as not as good as manga but they in fact have taken an important role in the evolution of manga.

I think if you really want to make a manga go look at other forms of media as well, not just manga because then you will get a sense of atmosphere, story, character development, and audience, etc. Writing is a huge part of it and certainly you will see great story elements from movies, books, tv shows, etc. that you will love and could incorporate into your story as well. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Edited this a bit.

what i liked from MrTrain's picture above, he can draw the perspective very well. if he continue it, giving shadow to its charater, rail, then he add eyes to the character, and background, effect, that page will be a great page..

I would enjoy seeing what people make.

I'm working on a doujinshi but its a tedious and slow process for me because I'm meticulous. I'd be glad to share more when more is finished [inked, shaded, text added]. But at the same time, I sort of have a specific audience because of what genre I normally create in... heh.

i'll get back to you on this ^___^ i accualy would also see other amature mangas :D it's kinda more personal then published works and you can talk with the author and stuff! I'll post the manga im working on in a few days :)

I got a rushed manga for my Filipino mid term project (needs translation). I might post it in here since the model of the cat is inspired from Sakamoto-san.

It's 24th Page Of My Manga...


Please Comment! ^^

@shafnat. do you really want an advice??? i can give it to you, i am working in a manga by my self, i am not good in drawings, but i do my best. i have a way to do each chapter and each page individualy from another. you will need two note books.

in the first note book you should write the general idea of your chapter. "flow chart" and the events will fall by they own. next you plan wath will hapen in every page so you write in a "technical script" every single frame for every single page. wen you just finished the script then use the second notebook to do a fast sketch of how you like the page to be wen it's finished. then use the sketch to do a final page.

this way is much slowly, but i promise it worths. i can send you images of wath i am talking about if you need them, as i said before, my drawings are not too good. but my "monogatari" is becoming bether and beteher every day. :D keep going this story i bet it will become big!!. :D see you.

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