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Kids React to: Hatsune Miku (Thread)


I just feel like I want to punch all of them, but that's just cause I'm a Vocaloid fan. :D

What do you want to bet that the majority went home and googled Miku that same day.

I love the boy who says "I don't speak Japanese! Some people think I'm Japanese, but I'M NOT JAPANEEEEEEEEEESE!" <3 <3 <3

And lots of them liked the song hahaha XD I am sure some of them will go searching for them like Fieyr said.

Okay, at the same time I wanted to strangle them, I loved them.

Oh, what I would give to have them listen to the Nico Nico Douga singers that covers the songs. May they be jealous of Japanese people.

This pisses me off. Real people write these songs, often times they cannot sing. So they turn to Vocaloid.

What is 85% of music nowadays anyway? What the fuck is Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift (who is a robot dhurrrr). Seriously, all those people, especially Taylor Swift, are auto-tuned to death. It's gotten to the point where there IS NO REAL MUSIC ANYMORE.

That older girl seems so fake though. Ahahahaha.

"Girl from Final Fantasy"
that was the moment when I wanted to strangle that kid...

But then one said
"Hannah Montana. At first she was great, but then she started acting like a hooker"
and I wanted to pat his shoulder, so proud was I...

And then the girl I wanted to smack the most, saying that this isn't "real music". It sounds like music, doesn't it? Then it is real music.

That one girl who is like 16 is pretty close minded. The Indonesian kid is awesome. Also, who would have thought the black kid would be the only one to watch anime?


EDIT No offence

Did that Rattata just call her a pokemon?!

@Sushi Ahahahahahahahaha. Too bad. According to Amurika they are real music. Except Taylor Swift, she IS a robot.

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..... I found the 16 year old funny. LOL

I bet she listens to Taylor Swift.

Which would make it super funny.

When did the music that teenage girls listen to become anybodies business? Or something to make fun of? The butthurt here is beautiful.

Can you leave "Taylor Swift" out of this thread for a second unless you are trying to make a valid point by using her as an example to back up your claim?
Nobody gives a fuck about Swift, so swiftly drop the bashing, please.

I was just sitting there wondering why the heck are their opinions are so extreme. "SHE'S NOT REAL THE MUSIC ISN'T REAL"
And then I realized. They get payed... It's not just some random kids picked up on the street.

And even though I'm not a very big fan of vocaloids I must say the music is very real. A vocaloid is an instrument. You could look at it as intrumental if that makes you feel better.

Welp, Vocaloid isn't good music, j-Pop isn't, Katy Parry isn't, and we can go on for a pretty long time, offending more and more people. Whatever ~


Everyone has their own definition of what music is and no one is ever going to agree on it. Just like anything else on the Internet... it will simply turn into fighting because people are shamefully/grossly incapable of a 'live and let live' philosophy because they feel like they've been called by Baby Jesus himself to push their own ideology of what music should be onto everyone else.

In the end, this thread is doomed to a bunch of people sounding like crotchety old farts complaining about how, back when they were young music actually had lyrics! That you could understand and told a story! And how music today is just noise.

You heard about this new genre called Tween Wave?
It totally sounds like shit.

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