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Kids React to: Hatsune Miku (Thread) - Page 3

i think hatsune miku is super amazing. i cant say that I adore her specifically, but i do respect the people who created her and write the music. their concerts are amazing as well. i thought it was so cool kids reaction did something on her.

Hahahah, brilliant video! I was impressed by the kids' thoughts on it- they had some good ideas and I especially loved the kid who dropped the "hooker" comment, though not just for that! I also enjoyed the frustrated ones who just kept saying "It's not real!!" :)

Yea this video was hilarious! I love that song.

It was cool to see these children react to it without having any anime bias.

For some reason this thread reminded me of a song, I wonder why?

I say screw having a terrible voice and hiding behind a figurative curtain, if you got a message, sing the hell out of it. Everybody could sing with practice, just got to find your style (This is coming from a guy who can't sing, but I don't practice ,nor try to.).

I haven't gotten into vocaloids.........yet.

Well I'm not that much older then them but anyway, they are too young to understand. And a Pokemon! WTH MAN!!!! I want to hit them because of some of the stuff they said.

I actually thought this was hilarious, being a fellow Vocaloid fan (Imo though, Hatsune Miku as an individual is just freakin' annoying). This is my second time watching this, and I'm still cracking up. Sure, the childrens' opinions were a bit offensive, but that's what makes things hilarious, right?


The feelings are mutual.

KILLL!!! D:< hatsune miku is meh god!! X3


Swap vocaloid vocals with real people's voices on the natural tone (not overly octaved such as Miku's; no offense). Make them listen to the instrumentals. And make them understand/translate the song's meanings. This brings us to:

VOCALOID > What we normally hear which is popular and message is "party until you die or have s*x with me or I wanna do it with you" or something redone from the past. > Justin Bieber + Rebecca Black.

I'm quite surprised Katy Perry & Taylor Swift are mentioned but not Bieber & Black

Leave them as is and we have:

AUTOTUNE JESUS > Long text about popular music & music trolls stated above & VOCALOID

NOTE: This is not true to all music; I'm just summing up what is what's popular now (including songs by specifics, genre, etc.)

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