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Simultaneous Anime-Watching Frenzy! All Users Welcome! (Thread)

What Anime would you like to watch?


Alright, people. It's been 'bout a month since school started. I think it's time to relax with the one thing we all love in common.


Yes. Otaku and regular people alike, we shall watch anime. Let's get down to bidness, shall we?

Now, we shall all watch anime. What's so new about that? Nothing, right? That's why we're going to do something different.

We shall all watch anime simultaneously.

This is how we will do it.

-I proposed an idea to @acostoss about a little suprise. You'll all love it later, don't worry about that now, but it does tie-in to the general topic.-

First off, for people who don't want to download it, because it'll take forever, we shall use the free Crunchyroll service.

Sign up, make your account, and make sure you friend me, and pm me saying you have friended me.

For simplicity, I would suggest to use your CL name as your CR username, but anything is fine, so long as you post your CR name here to avoid any confusion.

Well? Hurry and sign up already!

Done with that? Good. Now we can move on to the good stuff.

In order to watch anime simultaneously, we need to all pick a set of anime to watch. There are some new titles as well as old, so i would reccomend we pick newer titles that we can all watch in unison.

Titles i think would be nice:

-Hanamaru Kindergarten (Funny as hell, I promise)
-Durarara!! (Why not? It'd be nice.)
-NO NARUTO. (This would cause serious issues, I think you know what I mean)
-Heroman (This is so sick, errbody should watch.)
-Home Tutor Hitman REBORN!! (Shonen Jump. Need I say more?)
-Lucky Star (Nice to watch on the weekends to wind down.)
-Gintama (Again, Shonen Jump and also Funny as hell)
-Usagi Drop (Didn't even start. Heard it was good.)
-Eureka Seven (Again, didn't watch. Might later, with all of you!)

Then, we can pick an episode, probably episode 1, and then.

A form of communication is required. I recommend using AIM or Google Talk, and then downloading Trillian, which basically connects your Yahoo, Gmail, Aol, Windows Live, Twitter, Facebook, and other stuff into one simple, organized, thing. No matter which IM form you choose, it'll all be in there.

We use Trillian, and enter a chatroom, on AIM (Chatroom: The Colorless). We then go to the episode, countdown, and then all hit play. Wait a minute for the ads, and then we all watch and chat.

We can also use Skype or TeamSpeak, as @acostoss mentioned, to speak with each other. Also, we can look for fansubbed episodes of anime. Anyone know a good place? Let me know.

Perry (@someone173) mentioned using livestream. I would, but since my internet service is shut off right now (cablevision bills weren't paid, not my problem, blame my folks) and I'm using crappy WiFi from an unknown unprotected source, I don't see myself using it. If anyone else with exceptional internet speeds would want to host, let me know and we can work something out.

Sound simple enough? Good. I look forward to watching good stuff with all of you~

Alright, the list of users. Starting with me. (Mods and Admins, feel free to join in.)

CL username - CR username - Aim - skype - anime would like to watch (pick what you wanna watch, not necessarily from my list)

@Flywalker37 - Razorrebel - razorrebel37 - Luke Flywalker - (Listed above)
@Selef - Selef - (N/A) - (N/A) - Darker Than Black
@daemoneye - daemoneye - twistertiger - (N/A) - Gintama

@Kitto (Originally @Deathy) - Desumilate - (N/A) - Nguyeezy - Anything (Wild Card?!)

@Noodle - (N/A) - (N/A) - Noodle_cl - (N/A)
@someone173 - (N/A) - (N/A) - perry173 - (N/A)
@Ookami-chan - (N/A) - silvercold9 - (N/A)
@brewers6655 - Brewers6655 - Brewersrock6655 - Aly_Dee213 - Anything

just a note: Crunchyroll is blocking half of the world out of licensing issues. you might want to mention that.

watching animu simultaneously works with voicechat in a way, if only 2 or 3 people are watching, but I wouldn't want to type while concentrating on a show, reading subs and soaking in the atmosphere. So nah, I won't take part in any of it, own pace and all~

i may actually make an AIM for this, but for now heres my CL and CR username

CL-Selef CR-Selef - my recommendation Darker Than Black (its been forever since ive watched it)

If it's Gintama, my only advice is Do not pick episode 1

yes hello, seal of approval, etc.

Being one of the managers of a group that does exactly this(125+ members!), I must say that I really do like this idea.

We, on the other hand, conduct everything over Skype or Teamspeak, and it usually fares us well. For those that want the full experience of the episode, there are sme that prewatch the episode, then watch it with us later.

As for using such things as Crunchyroll or Hulu, I can only suggest that, if you do not have access to these services, it's always feasible to watch fansubbed versions, on your computer. This, again, is the main way we do things in the other group, with some that user Crunchyroll if the viewing is on shorty notices for them, etc.

Best of luck to all of you!

Back when I was on /m/, there would be weekends on livestream where someone would be playing a movie/episodes, and the side would be where everyone would chat about it (Gundam nights were hella fun). neotoonami's stream is still running stuff as I just checked, so I guess copyright issues wouldn't be a big deal if it's once a week and a small audience and all.

tl;dr: use livestream. Person with good upload speeds not necessarily included.

Ohhh! someone acknowledged Heroman! (HEROMAN hits wrist to do everything)
Funny for a while but I dunno how long that would last...

CL: daemoneye, CR: daemoneye, AIM: twistertiger, Maybe Gintama? (I've wanted to start it but haven't gotten around to it) or Heroman or something.

I don't really care what we watch, I just want something to distract me from school!
looks over at large pile of homework

alright, so that was @acostoss giving us some words of wisdom there. Will update list to include @Selef.

I guess we can use skype or teamspeak. Assuming everyone already has skype. (who doesn't?) Still using AIM on my end, skype has a bit of lag for me.

We can prewatch and then watch later, that's cool for whoever wants to. (i think i'll do this.)

Yes, just remembered Crunchyroll isn't available for everybody in all countries. Does anyone know where we can find fansubbed versions? With little to no ads?



How exactly will we conduct this?

Let's see. Usually people are free after school, but yet again, some people have to work... Hmm.

I need to know what times people will be on. Oh wait, timezones. -sigh- I'll work something out.

"Usually people are free after school"


Make different groups according to timezones.
Problem solved.

Alright, as things are currently done:

  1. Someone proposes it in the Google Group (It is kinda like a mailing list/forum fusion)
  2. People note when they'll be free, etc.
  3. Person whom proposed the watch decides on a time, usually a week or two in advance.
  4. Everyone is expected to download it in that time, or have a streaming option. Some people use this week to watch the episode ,on their own, so that they do not miss anything.
  5. When the time comes, everyone starts at the beginning of the video (after any ads), someone does a countdown, and everyone starts at the same time.
  6. If any ads pop up in the middle of it, everyone else pauses, then unpauses when the ads are over for everybody.
  7. After the watch, continue to the next episode, if applicable, or continue to talk.

Now, as for where to get fansubs:

  • For new/currently airing series, use TokyoTosho
  • For older, finished series, use BakaBT(You'll need an account)
  • For everything else, use Nyaatorrents

For these, you'll need a torrent client. For Windows users, use ĀµTorrent, Mac users ought to use Transmission. Linux, there are a ton of options. You can always use Transmission, which is installed on many ready-to-use distros, but Deluge is great, as well. If you prefer a CLI, rTorrent is my personal fav.

How to play:


I suggest downloading the latest CCCP. This bundle comes with Media Player Classic, as well as all the codecs you'll need to run any format under the sun, with no need to edit any settings. It also allows for the playing of video with 10-bit color profiles, whic his a good thing.

If you don't care for MPC and the CCCP, you can always use the Open Source VLC Media Player. This one is as simple as installing and playing. no messing with codecs, no digging around in settings, etc. It has a few issues, compared with MPC/CCCP, but is generally good.

SMPlayer is nice, too.


Mac users should use either VLC or MPlayerOSX, the former being the preferred route.


Similar to Mac, you ought to use either VLC or SMPlayer, though the latter is preferred.

If you're comfortable with CLI, use MPlayer

Pass any questions over to me, and I'll try to address them as best as I can.

thanks for your help!

Alright, doing my best to keep this frontpaged so the word can get out.

@acostoss , can you please sticky this?

Anyone is welcome to host the livestream method, due to my crippled internet.

Goddammit the guy below my apartment is playing that GODDAMNED PIANO AGAIN!


Here's what I think. To start off, we'll watch some Ginatama. It's a comedy, just so ya know. I will not be starting from season one, as there is a crapload of episodes and there is no linear plot (similar to Lucky Star.)

Does anyone want to start soon? How 'bout this weekend? Or next weekend? We could also use Crunchyroll for my fellow US users who don't want to waste memory.

Otherwise, as Acos-sama (weeaboo, i know, just dont wanna send him an email saying he was mentioned in a post) mentioned, we can download the FanSubs and then we can watch together.

Tell more people about this. I want a nice medium-sized group of regular anime watchers by the end of the month.

you realize that you mentioned him already, meaning your avoiding via "Acos-sama" is useless?

Don't know if Gintama is a good decision, since it is 200+ episodes, no?


Oh, yeah. Oh well~

I'm gonna start from the second latest season (before the one we're currently in).
This way, the touched-up HD graphics are evident, it isn't too unappealing, and the jokes are new and funnier (?).


CL-Deathy CR-Desumilate Aim-N/A Skype-Nguyeezy Anime-I'm up for anything

Oh yeah, forgot to mention:

Any users who have already watched an episode should not spoil it for users who have not watched said episode.

This goes without saying for otaku and the like, but just in case some people don't know... I said it anyway.

All right. I think this is enough people for a test group. But, we will need a form of notification.

...anyone else wanna try to set themselves up? Post ya contacts so we can get these shows on the road!

Gonna convert/upload an episode of Nichijou on my livestream account as a test, and here's what I've found I can do (and can't do):

-10GB storage gives me enough space to put about 95-100 30 minute episodes/around three 25 episode series at a rate of 100MB per episode

-Maximum number of users per channel is 50 people at a time. But we'll never hit that, we barely reach 30 on chat anyways nowadays

Given my oh so fast upload speeds of 100kB/s at home (damn monopolies, you can give me 3MB/s downloads, but god forbid you give me a decent upload speed), I'll probably have to do most of my uploading in school.

Channel here, still in progress of uploading and all:

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