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Kare Kano (Thread)

was just wondering if there are any other Kare Kano fans around here, it was actually the first Manga i ever read and is what made me love anime as much as i do now.

For those of you who do not know what Kare Kano is, it is the story of a young girl who is a complete ego-maniac falling in love with a boy, its cute funny and amazing, it may looks a bit dated now but the story still stands the test of time.

@Selef - I started reading this and love it so far :)

I love Kare Kano!!!!!!
I have the first three volumes!!!!! [Combined in 1]
It's one of my favorite manga!!!

Very great anime. Best of the rest, i think.
I started from anime, then i read manga.

I read it a few years ago. I was sad when it ended. Kare Kano has to be the best manga that I have ever read so far.

I absolutely loved the manga series. Call me gay if you will but Kare Kano is one of my favorite manga of all time. And the Anime was sooooooooooooooo far a head of it's time it was ridiculous. I am so sad that they ran out of budget :/...

@9mm They didn't run out of budget. The mangaka (forgot her name) spent..i believe it was 11 years on KareKano, and she was very unhappy with the changes they made to it, and how it basically didn't go her way. So she refused their offer for another season. Think of it..Kare Kano was great. There is no way in hell, an anime/manga this great would run out of budget.

I think karekano would be the best shoujo i've ever read. I think the whole plot was strong and the story was very well developed. God, i love the mangaka xD

.. ohhhhh this is also one of my all time fave anime !!! Its so awesome and hilarious !! I started from the anime then read the manga !! I just couldn't help myself when the anime stop .. Still , I enjoyed watching the anime again and again ^-^ ..

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